An Experience Not To Be Missed; Akari

18, Dec 2019 |

Akari, a Pan-Asian restaurant on the 10th floor of Vivanta Kathmandu is the definition of fine dining

Although it has been operating for less than a year, Akari seems to have made quite an impression on its customers who can’t help but come back for more. Therefore, I set on a quest to really find out what the buzz was all about. One thing I can say for sure is that it has an absolutely amazing view of the city; when it gets darker outside, you can see the city light up in a show of glittering colours. This would make it a perfect place for a romantic date or anniversary dinner with its modern yet warm, intimate setting. 

I along with a few of my colleagues were welcomed by a very friendly staff who showed us to our table. I could hardly wait to look at their menu, I was famished and wanted the food right away. Decisions can be hard to make, especially when you’re hungry so we decided to ask the  chef for a little help. Chef Milind Kumbhare was very kind even taking some time from his busy schedule to help us. We were recommended a few of the new dishes that Akari is coming up with. 

The first item we were served was the Avocado Sprout Salad. An absolutely fresh and reviving dish with perfectly ripe avocado, sprouts and lettuce tossed in sweet and sour japanese soy based dressing, it was easy on the taste buds. It goes very well with a glass of white wine. 

Crackling Corn with Spinach was the next item we were served with. The dish was made with batter fried corn kernels and shredded spinach garnished in spices. It had a nice combination of sweet and savory. The corn along with the spinach had an unexpected crunch to it, which was very satisfying. 

V-Ktm Roll (Tuna and Prawn) was served next. This sushi roll had a nice crispy prawn tempura on the inside, fresh tuna on the outside and some roe on top. It was served with the classic wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. This elegant dish was very pleasant to look at, I almost didn’t want to eat. But since my huge appetite hadn’t been satiated, I decided to have a go. Oh, it was hearty and delicious! It's definitely the best sushi I’ve had in awhile.

The next item we were served was the Prawn Har Gow. This dish had a translucent skin with juicy fillings of prawn and water-chestnut. It was served with four different sauces; chilli sauce, black bean, sesame-tomato and spicy mayo. This silky, succulent dish had a beautiful crunchy and nutty texture. It practically melts in your mouth. I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this savory dish was. A fun fact about dim sum- it literally translates to ‘a light touch on the heart’, which is an accurate description of what happened. It is the best dim sum in town, there I said it!

The next item we were served was Pan fry noodles. This dish tossed with vegetables (shitake mushroom, bok choy, broccoli, chinese cabbage, shredded carrots) and sliced chicken coated in oyster sauce was action packed with flavors. When it was brought out, I could literally smell the deliciousness. The noodles has a nice crisp to it, definitely a hit.

The last item that we were served was Apple toffee with ice-cream. The batter fried apple toffee is tossed in a special sauce made with honey and caramelized sugar. It is then immediately put in ice water which freezes the sugar on the outside making it nice and cold on the outside and warm and soft on the inside, a perfect combination of hot and cold. A treat for the sweet toothed, candy seeking soul. 

Akari has taken hospitality to a new height with a team of positive, tireless people ready to serve anything you wish for. The food will not disappoint and it is not to be missed at any cost. You get what you pay for, and it is definitely worth the money and time!



Vivanta Kathmandu

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur



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