A Taste of Thailand

11, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

A wonderful evening at Fairfield by Marriott delving into one of the world’s richest cultures

The Thai Food Festival hosted at the Fairfield by Marriott in association with The Royal Thai Embassy and Tourism Authority of Thailand is a curated event of traditional dances and an authentic meal prepared by Chef Kroongtana Nimnu, all the way from Thailand. This ongoing ten-day long event from September 30 through October 9 welcomes all for a dinner you must not miss out on. Decorated with red, blue and white Thai umbrellas, and intricate fans hanging on the walls and ceiling, the event vividly captured the rich culture from the Kingdom of Thailand right here in Kathmandu.


The evening started off with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony by H.E Bhakavat Tansku, the Ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy to Nepal. Next, we were carried forward into the night by a traditional Thai dance known as Lakhon Nai, performed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s students. The exquisitely beautiful dancers wore exotic costumes and the traditional Thai dress, Chut Thai, adorned with densely packed jewelled headpieces. The student dancers performed three different dances, expressing dramatic stories, and ending with a fun and interactive dance that engaged participants from the audience.




Before even getting to the food, the aroma of Thai cuisine awaiting us, prepared by Chef Kroongtana Nimnu with his spicy culinary Thai touch made our mouths water. A variety of foods were offered; Tom Kha Gai, a flavourful coconut based soup; Pad Thai, a favourite staple for everyone; Kao Na Phet, duck with rice along with many more dishes.





As Thai cuisine is amongst one of the most popular cuisines in Nepal, some favourites of the night were the delicious Tom Yum Goon, the Som Tum and the Gaeng Keow Wan Gai. For the Tom Yum soup, the blend of the sour from the lemongrass, and the spicy from the Thai chilli paste was definitely a hit with the guests. The juicy crunch of the shrimps marinated in the soup and cooked to perfection was a plus for all the seafood lovers. Another favourite, the fresh Som Tum is a tart and piquant, unripe papaya salad. Though available in many restaurants here in Nepal, this carefully garnished salad, with chopped up green and red chilli, fish sauce, and lime created an irresistible, and unlike any other combination for our taste buds. Lastly, the authentic and mildly spicy chicken curry gave off hints of Thai spice, coconut milk, and fish sauce. Poured over white rice, the amalgamation of tastes had our excited stomachs asking for more. Lovely refreshing desserts were also offered such as fruits, yogurt parfaits, Indian sweets and of course, the popular and well known, Thai sweet sticky rice.



The enjoyable night ended with satiated and satisfied stomachs, friendly smiles and salutations by the hotel staff, and an overall immersion into and appreciation for the rich Thai culture and delicious delicacies of Thailand. Make sure to book a date with friends and family before October 9!  


Fairfield by Marriott

Kava Restaurant

September 30 – October 9

6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Rs 2199 nett per person

Contact: 01-4217999/ 9801227613

Keshar Mahal Marg, Kathmandu


Text by Elisa Gurung

Photos by Shibham Parajuli



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