Vee Go Restaurant and Bar: A Veg Delight

20, Dec 2018 |

Located in Baluwatar, Vee Go Restaurant and Bar serves a fantastic selection of vegetarian options.

How many times have you struggled to find a good vegetarian eatery? Can’t count? Well, you’re not the only one. We haven’t yet reached a Veg peak in the Kathmandu, nevertheless, there are some interesting all-veg restaurants emerging and Vee Go Restaurant and Bar, is certainly one of them.

Located in Baluwatar, Vee Go Restaurant and Bar serves a fantastic selection of vegetarian options. As you enter the restaurant, the warm ambience welcomes you with a delight. I would suggest you visit this place in the evening as the lights and the live music sets the mood. The bright yellow lights perfectly balance the pale white background and lighten up the atmosphere.

First, we had the mushroom stuffed in cheese. Large juicy mushrooms stuffed with, cheese, onion and garlic; a very pleasurable combination. Coated with a seasoned batter, the mushroom is deep fried and served with a hot sauce. With every bit of this dish, you can taste the perfectly balanced flavours in your mouth.

Next, we tried the potato lollipop. Coated with tandoori masala, this item justified its name and echoed the essence of tandoori flavour perfectly. Although I loved the dish, it would be faultless had it been a little less salty.

For the main course, we had the sizzling momo. One of the main challenges with vegetarian food is making sure that it is hearty enough and this dish doesn’t fail it. Served with the sides of noodles and steamed vegetables, the creamy sizzler sauce went well with the veg-momos.

Lastly, we had the Fajita wrap with fresh salsa. Stuffed with lettuce, cheese, bell peppers and onions, the wrap was an interesting fusion of Mexican and Indian. The mildly spiced vegetables complimented the pita bread perfectly giving it the much required freshness after having the hearty sizzling momos. The sides of tangy salsa left a tingling aftertaste to the mouth. 

To sum up, Vee Go Restaurant and Bar caters to the interests of vegetarians as well as meat-lovers who once in a while choose to indulge in vegetarian diet. Good ambience, good music and good food—it is a perfect place for your Friday night.



Ayusha Pradhananga

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