The Land of Ice and Snow

6, Dec 2019 |

Visit Finland during winter to get a truly magical arctic experience

Finland is an amazing destination for tourists regardless of the seasons. In summer, it is known as the land of the midnight and during winter, the land of ice and snow. With scenic views and amazing winter activities, Finland is a fabulous getaway for your winter vacation.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites

With six cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites and one natural UNESCO World Heritage site, Finland holds a vast amount of knowledge. Traverse through different sites such as the Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmaki, the Fortress of Suomenlinna, Old Rauma, Petajavesi Old Church, Struve Geodetic Arc and Verla Groundwood and Board Mill. Also take a gander at the High Coast/ Kvarken Archipelago which affords outstanding opportunities to understand the important processes that formed the glaciated and land uplifted areas of the Earth’s surface.

Experience the Northern Lights

For most people, the opportunity to experience the northern lights are a once in a lifetime experience. Finland is one of the best places which provide a great vantage point to view the great northern lights. A wide range of hotels in the north cater specifically to people wanting to see the lights. You can even sign up for free Northern Lights email alerts from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Don’t forget to gaze across the dazzling curtains of light draped across the sky!

For adventure lovers

If you love snow and adventure you are in the right place. Finland offers a wide array of snow activities such as skiing or snowboarding, snowmobiling, kick sledding, ice fishing, ice karting, ice floating and snowshoeing. Each of these activities will not fail to give you an adrenaline rush. You can even try dog sledding and reindeer sleigh rides.

Wander around Santa Claus Village

Have you ever wanted to visit Santa Claus but then had your dreams shattered when you found out he wasn’t real? The Santa Claus Village at Lapland, Finland will be a fantastic place to visit then. It is a paradise filled with snow, elves and workshops. You can even meet Santa Claus over here! Try out the various activities available here like riding the reindeer sleighs and let you inner child run amok in sheer happiness.

Spend your night in an igloo

Two famous accommodations in Finland are snow igloo and glass igloos. Sleep in the igloos and experience winter like you have never before and gain appreciation for nature and its ways. In a snow igloo, you can live out your dream of being surrounded by ice and snow and in the glass igloos you can see the differences between the two extremes of summer and winter.

Let loose at Helsinki

A big modern city, Helsinki has a great offer of cultural events, traditional markets, shops and urban leisure. The capital of Finland, Helsinki has an international, multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere where tourists thrive upon. The architecture found here reflects the history of Finland; a country located between the east and west. It also has a wide range of cafes and entertainment venues such as pubs and live music clubs. You can also indulge yourself in the flavours of Finnish cuisine.

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