Attic - A Perfect Bonding Hub

5, Feb 2020 |

Attic a perfect place for friends and family to meet up, with splendid cuisines and ideal ambience

Attic has it all, a spacious compound, both indoor and outdoor setting, cozy banquet and a bar. Located in Gyaneshwor Chowk near the Embassy of Germany, Attic is the perfect place to spend a cheerful time with friends and family. Attic stands for ‘Accountability, Teamwork, Timely, Innovation, Credibility’ the core principle in which Attic functions. Attic has a great ambience which gives you a calm ebullient vibe and the delectable cuisines will surely make it worthwhile.  

How Attic Started 

Attic was started by a group of friends who were always in search of a perfect place to gather and have a good time. In 2009, Attic was established at Uttar Dhoka, then after four years they shifted to Tangal and currently they are located at an exquisite location at Gyaneshwor. Attic has already been functioning for more than a decade and has given unforgettable memories to numerous customers.

Attic has an incredible menu for both cuisines and drinks; the following are some of their speciality dishes that I tried during my visit at Attic. 

Nachos and Cheese

Nachos and cheese

The in-house Nachos of Attic will take you to the northern part of Mexico, the birthplace of nachos. Heated tortilla chips topped with melting cheese, tomatoes, capsicum, cilantro and olive; this is what dreams are made of. Here, in Attic Nachos are served with kidney bean sauce and you can even choose your toppings. Nachos and Cheese is a go to crunchy and cheesy appetizer, this simple and yummy bite was a perfect starter dish.

Bacon Potato Roll

Bacon potato roll

Who doesn’t like Bacon? And who doesn’t like Potatoes? Put them together in a dish and just the name makes you drool. Crunchy on the outer layer and juicy on the inside the blanket of bacon is wrapped around the creamy, buttery baked and stir fried potato wedges giving you a sensational textural experience. You’re hit with a burst of various flavours as you pop these bites into your mouth. Served with their spicy in-house sauce and a good portion of greens this simple yet mouth-watering dish is a must have when you’re at Attic.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani

Another one of the crowd's favourite dishes at Attic is Biryani. At first the aromatic basmati rice is semi cooked with different spices, nuts and dried fruits. A special Chicken curry is prepared separately in mild heat and is perfectly blended with all the spices. At last both semi cooked rice and chicken curry is properly cooked in the Chef’s special style. Served in a beautiful brass pot chicken biryani is topped with a sprinkle of saffron and mint leaf. Topped with spices, Greek yogurt is served with chicken biryani. The Chicken Biryani at Attic, was one of the best Biryanis I’ve ever had. All the spices are blended perfectly and the rice and chicken is absolutely delicious. This aromatic dish packed with spices is a perfect main course.

Brownie with Ice Cream

Brownie with ice cream

The ending should always be sweet and soothing, after a belly full of delicious lunch, dessert is a must have food item. The in-house baked soft warm chocolate brownie topped with chocolate syrup is served with ice cream by the side. The nuts inside the brownie give it a crunchy texture. The combination of warm brownie and melted ice cream will generate waves of different levels of sweetness inside your mouth. Brownie with ice cream is a perfect must try dessert.

Both the food and ambience of Attic is brilliant. The staff are very friendly and service is excellent. The main thing that makes Attic different from other top end restaurants is the huge portion of delightful food they serve. The Attic experience is surely worth every penny.  



Gyaneshwor - 30, Kathmandu, Nepal

+977 01-4417843 / 9801222550      

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