The Cozy Ever Fresh Cafe at Nomad Hotel

29, Jan 2020 |

Ever Fresh Cafe is the calm hub to enjoy flavourful dishes along with your friends before your daily grind

Ever Fresh Cafe at Nomad Hotel which serves breakfast and lunch is the perfect hub where you can have excellent healthy and delectable food. Focusing on the idea of farm to table, the team at Ever Fresh ensures that each day starts off with a hearty and healthy meal. If you’re wondering where to go to have a brilliant start to your day? This is the place to be. Not only do they provide good food the ambience of here radiates with clean and calm energy. Serviced by friendly staff, Ever Fresh is sure to leave you with an ever fresh experience.

Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato Wedges

Crunchy outer layer and soft on the inside with a mild sweetness, this healthy warm appetizer is surely a kick starter. A healthier alternative to plain old potato wedges, it will maintain your energy throughout the day. Chef’s unique way of making and secret ingredients will surely surprise your taste buds. The unique way of making this dish balances the sweetness of sweet potato and will embrace other flavors too. Warm, sweet and salty blended perfectly with herbs served alongside with toasted bread and butter would be adequate with a cup of coffee.  

Charred Chicken Burger

Charred Chicken Burger

Burger is mostly known as a simple go to fast food but here in Ever Fresh it is more than just any other burger. Made out of fresh soft buns topped with sesame seeds, fresh veggies and fruit such as lettuce, tomato, avocado layered in between buns with in-house tomato chutney, smoky aioli and slow cooked sous-vide chicken thigh which is given a little sear on the grill to develop a lovely charred crust. The major motto of Ever Fresh is to serve healthy and delicious cuisines; the Charred Chicken Burger is served with vibrant fresh salad made out organic veggies, herbs and thin well fried soft crispy potato chips.

Spiced Red Rice Bowl with Fermented Veggies and Tofu Ball

Spiced Red Rice Bowl with Fermented Veggies and Tofu Ball

Red rice is considered one of the healthiest among the rice. Garnished with quinoa, fermented veggies, grilled green beans, kale, beet hummus the spiced red rice bowl looks stunning and the taste is soul pleasing. The toasted quinoa seed gives the dish perfect crispy texture. Tofu balls is perfectly blended with spices which really enhances the taste of red rice.

In-House Sorbet

In-house sorbet

The in-house sorbet is made out of fresh strawberries and is layered with white chocolate. The crystalized strawberry sorbet cools you down with its juiciness and the white chocolate leaves a creamy rich flavor. The sorbet is finely garnished with strawberry slices, pomegranate seeds and flower petals. The sorbet gives the fresh strawberry flavor with the addition of it giving a cooling sensation, it will surely brighten up a sunny morning. The strawberry sorbet will be a perfect dessert after a delicious healthy lunch, the perfect level of sweetness will play a melodious symphony in your mouth.


Ever Fresh Cafe

Nomad Hotel

Kumari Mai Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu


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