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28, Feb 2020 |

The activity you should consider putting in your bucket list!!! 

Known as Auroras Borealis (Dawn of North), northern lights occur near the magnetic poles. These are formed as a result of gaseous particles of the earth atmosphere colliding with the particles released from the Sun. There are various types of gas particles forming from the collision which in turn produce a different range of colours. The most common is pale green and yellowish colour. Violet, red and blue auroras are very rare and only can be seen in clear with very low light pollution areas. The Aurora light is generally seen from 80 km to as high as 400km from the earth's surface. The KP index is used to measure the intensity of the aurora. Following are the best place to see the auroras:



Northern Lights are one of the main attractions of Iceland along with their large glaciers, ice caves and volcanoes. The northern lights can be seen in Iceland from the month of August and mid- April during these months, the nights are long and clear. Don't make the mistake of traveling to see the light in the time of the full moon. The best places in Iceland to go for northern lights hunting are Hofn, Hella, Skogar, Reykjavik and Kirkjufell Mountain.


dog sledding

This long country is located at the high latitude and in the Arctic circle. The northern part of the country is the best place to see the magical lights. The best time to visit Norway is between October to March. At this time, the nights are longer than other times of the month. The possibility of seeing the lights are very less in Summer as the sun barely goes down. In addition to the northern lights, people can enjoy the hiking trails, fishing, dog sledding and many more. The best places in Norway to see the aurora are Senja, Alta, Tromso, North Cape, and Svalbard.



Northern Finland is one of the best places to see the northern lights. Same as Norway, the best time for observing the light is in the month of  August through March. Finland is ideally located in the Aurora Zone (latitude between 66 and 70 degrees north). There are very few coastal areas so there are less fog and clouds compared to Norway. Normally, for about 200 nights, the northern lights can be seen. Northern Finland is not all about the northern lights. Various activities like the husky ride, museums, hills are also the major activities to do in Finland. The best places to see the light are Utsjoki, Rovaniemi, Nellim, and Saariselka.

Northern Canada


In North America, northern Canada is the best place for viewing the majestic colourful light. The optimal months to travel to see the Aurora Borealis in Canada are from October to March. The KP index is high in the northern part of Canada. The places to visit for the northern lights in Canada are Yukon - Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Churchill, Nunavut - Iqaluit, and Jasper.



Alaska is just 2 degrees below the Arctic which has a relatively high KP index. Late August and September are the most favorable times to see the beautiful lights. Along with the lights visitors, can enjoy winter sports like Skiing, Snowboarding, hiking and dog mushing. Aurora can be seen over every part of Alaska however from Barrow to Ketchikan are best.

Watching the northern lights in the sky can be a perfect activity which can be done with your family and friends. Tropical beaches are considered as a perfect place for a romantic getaway for couples. However, watching the northern lights under the beautiful starry sky relaxing beside a campfire can be an intimate and serene experience.

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