Revel In Kingsly Kyoto

A unique fusion of traditional culture and Japanese modernization, Kyoto is sure to leave you spellbound!

3, Jan 2020 |

An amalgamation of traditional samurai culture, a city of shrines and the modern day otaku, Kyoto is bound to encapsulate you with its repertoire of charms!

Finding oneself in a congress of thoughts and conflicting emotions in today’s day and age seems quite the abstract idea. And a trip to the island nation of Japan, where more often than not one finds their physical self lost in the throngs of the working populace let alone mounting a quest to find your spiritual self. But worry not, the Imperial Lords of Japan offer us a snippet of their chronicle to achieving eternal Nirvana, Kyoto.

Once, the imperial capital of the Empire of Japan, Kyoto presents itself as a utopia to people from all walks of life. An amalgamation of traditional samurai culture, a city of shrines and the modern day otaku, Kyoto is bound to encapsulate you with its repertoire of charms.

Into the Woods



Rediscover yourself in the sacred woods of Kyoto. Travel through the enigmatic Fushimi Inari Hidden Shrine path, traverse to a different dimension amongst the great bamboo trees of the Arashiyama Bamboo and Zen, marvel at the sheer brilliance of the Osaka castle, let the peaceful air course through your lungs with a refreshing hike to Mt.Kango! Take a step closer to nirvana hiking across the Philosopher’s path with the cherry blossoms in full bloom; let Kyoto nurture you.

ITADAKIMASU!!! (Bon appétit)

Indulge in the gastronomical delight that is Kyoto. Witness the culinary history walking along the 400- year old Nishiki Market treating yourself with the likes of Tako Tamago(baby octopuses!), Sesame dumplings and the variety of Mochi. Dine like Kings with Kyoto’s Kaiseki Ryori- a serving of local sake, prime sashimi and Daikon accompanied by fresh fruit and a plethora of delicacies to form an elaborate platter exuding grandeur or eat a slice of humble pie with the Shojin Ryori directly translating to ‘devotion food’, eaten as a form of respect to the gracious deities in a Buddhist temple. Pamper yourself with the nectar of the gods- Kyoto’s special Matcha Tea and all of its Matcha goodness.

Serenity in Divinity

Experience the numinous aura of the gods in the hundreds of shrines in Kyoto. Behold the reflections of your soul in the golden shrine the Kinkaku-ji(Gold Pavilion) crafted from pure gold and the temple blessed by moonlight herself, the Ginkaku-Ji(Silver Pavilion). If seclusion is what you desire then seclusion is what you shall get in the lesser known- artistically magnificent Otagi Nenbutsi-Ji, Jojakka-Ji and the Kinen-Ji Shrines. And if fervor is what you desire then be sure to marvel at the Geisha Spring dance and the Maiko Dance at any performance hall.

Relive traditional Japan, like never before.

Watashi wa OTAKU!

For all the Otakus out there, Kyoto is the place to be! Housing the Kyoto International Manga Museum, with an entry fee of 800 yen, you gain access to hours upon hours of joy in the sheer plethora of Mangas new, old, Japanese, English of every fathomable variety! Paired with the otaku stores around Kawarimachi district housing the world’s best anime merchandise, Kyoto is simply the place to be for all the Otakus out there!

Merry Mario

Up as your favourite Mario character and zip through the streets of Kyoto in a Go-Kart, racing other competitors in Kyoto’s very own real-life rendition of Mario-Kart. Channel your inner samurai and claim your right as the next Shogun of Kyoto with the Samurai Experience and Ninja Weapon Training Classes spanning across a multitude of time frames in the Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

If you’re the more pacifist adventurer, Kyoto offers up a multitude of fun activities to grow adept to the Japanese culture with traditional Dance Classes offering the opportunity to learn the Maiko and Geisha dances after experiencing it firsthand. Learn to play the Koto (The Japanese Harp), or learn to write Kanji the local language with the subtle twist of calligraphy, or simply just enjoy a quiet day of tea picking and eternal Zen in the countless tea fields of Kyoto(with the owner’s permission of course!)

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