Gorgeous Deserts

14, Feb 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

Here are some of the gorgeous dry lands you can visit for vacation

Desert the bizarrely changing dry lands where there is an unusual way of life. Deserts are formed by weathering processes as large variations in temperature between day and night put strains on the rocks which consequently break in pieces. Deserts are also one of the major tourist destinations in the world. 

White and Black Deserts, Egypt

Black Desert

Egypt is an important place to get to know about human cultural evolution. Egypt is specially known for the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx. Egypt has more show than ancient human ruins, White and Black Deserts are one of the most aesthetic deserts around the globe. Black desert is just a five hour ride from the city of Cairo. Volcanic mountains covered by black char and orange sand give the Black desert outer space look. If you desire you can climb some of the soft volcanic peaks, from the heights of volcanic peaks you can capture mesmerizing beauty of the dry lands.

white desert

White Desert seems as if the Arctic region and desert settled together in peace. The White Desert is famous for the scenic sunset, when the sun rays strike at the crystal rocks the reflection creates one of the most beautiful sunsets. People often get confused thinking quartz crystal rock as ice berg. The famous Twin Peaks of White Desert two flat-topped mountains is the tourist’s favorite location from where you can see gorgeous symmetrical desert hills.

Dubai Desert

Dubai desert

Dubai is famous for its tall architectural buildings and desert safaris. Quad biking and Sandboarding is the favorite fun activity among the adventure seeking tourists, if you don’t desire to handle the wheels you can buckle up in the back seat and enjoy the four wheel drive in the scenic landscape. You can enjoy staying overnight and enjoy the Royal experience. Dubai Desert offers gorgeous sunrise and sunset.


Namib desert

Referred to as the oldest desert in the world, Namib Desert is believed to exist for more than 40 years. This coastal desert in South Africa stretches more than 2000km. Unusual plants and animals are found in this desert, many of which are endemic and highly adapted to the specific climate of the area. The unique Mirabills a shrub like plant. Antelope, Ostriches and Elephants are some of the famous animals found in the Namib Desert. The wind sculpted, apricot- colored dunes of Sossusvlei that you can hike on as if they were downs.


Atacama desert

Atacama Desert has it all; geysers, hot springs, hiking, horseback riding, stargazing, ATV safaris and surreal landscapes at every turn. The gorgeous town of San Pedro de Atacama serves as the desert’s access point for tourists. Chile's Atacama Desert, the driest nonpolar desert on Earth, stretches across a roughly 600-miles. It’s also one of the best locations on earth to appreciate our Milky Way’s glittering collection of stars, with April through September the best time to see it.


gobi desert

Gobi Asia’s largest Desert covers Northern China and Southern Mongolia. It not only has plenty of sand and gravel but there are also mountains and evergreen forest and a dune system, Khongoryn Els, as long and high as a range of hills. Flaming Cliffs is an important site of dinosaur fossils (though it’s illegal to remove them). Gobi Desert stretches over 1600 km.

These are the most beautiful deserts around the globe where you can visit for an adventurous vacation.  

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