12 Adventure Challenges in Nepal

14, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

A paradise for adventure seekers, Nepal offers a variety of travel challenges- an opportunity to build up unforgettable experiences

A country with a unique topography, Nepal offers you a myriad of breathtaking adventures- indeed a dreamland for those daredevil adventure seekers. Below are the most electrifying, the most blood rushing challenges for all those venture enthusiasts out there. 

1.    Bungee Jumping

In just a few seconds, your heart will feel a tremendous thrill. Nepal is probably the most exemplary place to experience a heart-stopping bungee experience. From a height of over 150 meters, below a wild river rushing forward, you will definitely think thrice before jumping off the bridge. But once you leap off, the next several seconds will be the most memorable swing of your life. Bungee jumping, if you haven’t tried yet, should definitely go on your bucket list.

2.    Paragliding

Who doesn't like soaring high above the magnificent hills, with an eye-catching view of the beautiful valleys and rivers down below? Whether experienced or a first timer, paragliding in Nepal will definitely leave an unforgettable experience. One of the best places to mimic a bird, Nepal's landscape is exquisite from land and more from high above.

3.    Rafting

Home to numerous magnificent rivers, Nepal provides opportunities for amusing and exhilarating rafting adventures. Being the second richest in water resources and blessed with spectacular rivers, Nepal is the world’s best whitewater destination. If you’re opting for a thrilling rafting experience, it is the right place to be. Classified into six groups, you can select the difficulty level of this sport.

4.    Skydiving

If you are a skydiving enthusiast, you should definitely put Nepal on your bucket list. Everest skydiving is one of the most unique and high-spirited experiences in the world. In addition to an extreme aerial adventure, you will get to enjoy a 360-degree view of the Himalayas. If skydiving in front of Mt. Everest is way too nerve-wracking, then you can try the one at Pokhara alongside the Annapurna range.

5.    Canyoning

Canyoning may be unheard of to most, but it is definitely one of the most thrilling adventure experiences. Jump, slide, and explore, it is an extreme sport which relies solely on your courage, an activity fit for all ages. Descend down a raging waterfall, supported only by a rope, into a remarkable natural pool. Once you bravely slide down into the calming waters, you will definitely want to try canyoning over and over again.

6.    Rock Climbing

A perfect sport to test your strength, stability, tolerance, and agility, rock climbing has been around since the time of the first mountaineers which traces back to the early 1950s in Nepal. It is not just a physically challenging sport, but it is also mentally demanding.  If there is something keeping you from giving rock climbing a shot, there are numerous stone walls present in Kathmandu which offers you a chance practice and edge your skills before undertaking the real thing.

7.    Trekking

Trekking across the green carpets of the hilly regions of Nepal has and always will be everyone's favorite. An easy-going activity which grants the best of all worlds, it allows you to escape the busy city life to the refreshing forests and rivers, and higher up, a magnificent scene. Furthermore, Nepal offers the opportunity to hike up to the splendid base camps of the numerous mountains present here. Though a higher difficulty level, it is definitely worth an attempt.

8.    Mountaineering

When it comes to mountaineering, Nepal definitely strikes one's mind. If you dream to reach the highest points in the world, the extreme peaks of the Himalayas will definitely overfill your heart. With 8 of the 14 summits over 8000m, Nepal is probably the best destination for mountaineering expeditions. You will be accompanied by the tough Sherpas along all your trip. Though not recommended for novices, you might want to plan to climb up the formidable ranges here in Nepal once in your life.

9.    Skiing

Though newly introduced, skiing and snowboarding are becoming a well promoted over the snowy slopes of the country. There is a great variety of landscapes suitable for all levels of skiers, and the routes here provide long periods of skiing experience. Moreover, you are able to ski on the slopes of the highest mountains in the world. Skiing in Nepal offers a combination of experiences, from trekking and hiking to unforgettable experiences in the snowy landscapes.

10.    Jungle Safari

With a rich ecosystekm and diverse wildlife, jungle walks always shoot a thrill up your spine. Hundreds of species of birds along with rare species of animals make jungle walks through the terrains of Nepal ever so interesting. Home to more than 20 conservative areas, you can experience relaxing jungle safaris at almost every part of Nepal.

11.    Mountain Biking

With an adventure-filled terrain and rich culture, there is so much to explore in Nepal. If you are a cycling enthusiast, this is your perfect paradise. When you pay a visit to Nepal, rent a bicycle, and with a group of friends, do ride around the hills of Kathmandu Valley, and explore different places. It will definitely be a worthwhile experience.

12.    Zip Line

Tall, long, and fast; zip flying in Nepal gives you an absolutely incredible experience. A clear and gorgeous view of the mountain ranges at your side, and as you glide down the rope towards the dense forests and beautiful lakes, you experience unlimited joy while extremely excited. One who decides to try zip flying in Nepal will surely wish it would last for hours instead of just a few minutes.


Compiled by: Pranit Shrestha



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