Unique Dance styles of Nepal

8, Jan 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

The style of dance also varies in form of occasion and place where they celebrate it. This article lists down five such dance styles known in Nepal.


Nepal is the land of colors and culture. The diverse religion and tradition of our country is a unique feature that attracts a lot of national and international tourists. In every different festival, the beautiful music, colorful traditional attire, and unique dance always light up the mood of every person who wants to be part of the occasion.

Especially with every caste and culture, they have their unique pattern of the dance. The style of dance also varies in form of occasion and place where they celebrate it. This article lists down five such dance styles known in Nepal.

Ghatu Nritya

This traditional dance is the culture of the Gurung, Magar, and Dura community residing in Gandaki Zone. Young girls are dressed up in Gurung costume and prepare for Ghatu. The dance form is known to be passed on from the generation of the community. This dance form tells the tragic story of a king and a queen. The music of the dance has a very touching melody and with such a heart-rending story. Sometimes the dancers get emotionally affected.
No one from the audience is allowed to record the music or the dance. It is ethically forbidden to do so in the community.

Deuda Dance

This dance form depicts the culture of Mid and Far western communities. Many people gather and form a circle and then start dancing to the music. Gaura is the major festival when this dance is performed. Legends say that Gaura represents the great Hindu Goddess Parvati, and people join the cultural dance to share their feelings of joy and sorrow. There is no particular dance step, whereas they only move in a circular path in their melody.

Chandi Naach

It is the folk dance of Nepal that is related to the Rai or Kirant community. This dance style does not have any particular dance step. The male and female dressed up in colorful cultural attire join their hands and form a circle. Nepali instruments like Sund, Dhol, and Jhyamta are played to give a rhythm to the music, and pattern to the dance step.

Maruni Nritya

Maruni is another famous dance form in Nepal that is generally performed during one of the most colorful festivals, Tihar. The costumes of the dancers too are colorful, filled with rich ornaments. The dance gives identity to the Magar community. It is performed in the festive mood of the Tihar to communicate the victory of good over evil.

Lakhey Dance

This dance is known for the amusing costumes of the dancers. They are dressed up in a colorful dress and terrifying masks. ‘Lakhey’ translates to ‘demons’ in the Newari community. Therefore, the dance steps, costumes, and action of the dancers also represent the demons. The identity of the Newar community, this dance form is performed during major festivals like Indra Jatra. The people dressed as Lakhey with hyper energy set off to the neighborhood accompanied by traditional Newari music. They often chase observers. And myths say that the touch of Lakhey cleanses the evil spirits of the person. Therefore, they also take part in the act of chase by Lakhey.


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