Nightlife in Pokhara

31, Dec 2020 |

The city has been providing excellent club services with good band selections for live music, and a great ambiance to visit with your crazy friends.


Pokhara is the central destination for all travelers in Nepal. All the tourists, even national ones, keep Pokhara on their wish list. It is one of the easily accessible destinations and filled with sites, scenes, and activities to get involved in. And since the place is already rich with traveling destinations, all the other infrastructures like hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, decoration, marts, lodges, resorts, and travel agencies are growing in numbers for decades.

It is one of the developed cities, therefore, you will get almost anything in Pokhara. And the nightlife it provides is one the best it can give you.

For the natural aspect, many visit the lake in the evening to see the water glimmer and feel relaxed inside any restaurant alongside the lake. Many lakeside restaurants are serving their best. And it is of course in the evening that they start getting filled with people. So make sure you book your place or get there early to get a relaxing view of the sunset.

Not only the lakeside restaurants but every restaurant in Pokhara starts giving you the vibe off, whether it be from the live music, open dance stage, or with music and decorations. There are lists of recommended restaurants you can find online, to get the best from Pokhara. There are many must go restaurants that are open till 2 a.m. As nightlife is all about forgetting your busy schedules and getting soaked into the music, dance, drink, and vibe, why not party all night?

Now comes the best option to go for, the clubs in Pokhara. The city has been providing excellent club services with good band selections for live music, and a great ambiance to visit with your crazy friends. Even for clubs there are selected recommended ones, however, if you don’t book it early, you might not get an entry. Therefore, you might try other clubs and they might as well give an excellent service.

When it comes to a great nightlife experience, there are lists of queries on security issues. Well, you need not worry about security issues in good clubs, restaurants, and café. In groups of people, drinking, dancing, smoking, and enjoying, we cannot say that they might not start a scene, but if they do, the bouncers love to pick them up and fling them out. Most of the restaurants and clubs in Pokhara have amazing bouncers who won’t let the vibe get ruined.

There are many travelers, who are already experienced with such a vibe. For them, a stroll around the lakeside of Pokhara will be a very refreshing experience. It gives you a beautiful decorated view of every shop. Since at night many might have already entered the restaurants and clubs, other people outside will be just taking a silent stroll, just like you. You might as well want to go into a shop, grab some drink and snacks, return to your hotel, and create your own ambiance with your own group. Even the people in the hotel won’t complain but rather might join you, because Pokhara is vibrant at every hour of the day, and yes, every hour of the night too!



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