5 Places in Kashmir you shouldn't miss out

3, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Surrounded by beautiful Himalayan ranges, Kashmir is a wonderland where unforgettable holiday memories are captured

Kashmir aptly called 'Paradise on Earth', resides brilliantly on the apex of India like a jeweled tiara. Surrounded by beautiful Himalayan ranges, this is a wonderland where unforgettable holiday memories are captured.

There are myriad attractions in Kashmir from snowy peaks, alpine lakes, and refreshing rivers to various sites of religious, cultural, and primeval importance. With a diverse ecosystem and a lot of historical significance, Kashmir is a must visit destination if you are a travel enthusiast.These are 5 of the most exquisite destinations to visit in Kashmir:

  1.  Srinagar

Srinagar is one of the most exciting places to visit not just in Kashmir, but in entire India. Located in Kashmir Valley, this site erupts striking attractions throughout all seasons. Consisting of the famous Dal Lake, and numerous gardens, with a fantastic view all around, Srinagar is an extremely gratifying destination. The wide range of activities here includes trekking, boating, bird watching, water skiing, etc. There are also various holy places comprised in this unique topography.



2. Gulmarg

Known as the "meadow of flowers", Gulmarg is a paradise for adventure seekers.Gulmarg is the perfect destination for skiing. Other exciting activities here include trekking, snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, and even golfing. If you are an active adventurer, hike up the peaks around Gulmarg to observe the majestic scenery around you. Do carry suffice clothing as the temperature is freezing up there. During summer, walks along the forests and hills can be a refreshing stroll



3. Pahalgam

With a collection of the most spectacular sceneries in the entire state of Kashmir, Pahalgam brings a heart-melting experience, constraining you to not leave the place once you've entered it. This refreshing town makes you feel joyous and stress-free- a great way to spend some time away from all the tension in life. Beautiful hills surround this town, with snowy peaks showing themselves through the gaps. Rivers flow through the greenery, with an aesthetic lake which is covered with ice during most of the chilly seasons. From exploring the jungles to fishing in the beautiful lake, as well as crawling through dark caves, Pahalgam offers you an experience you will remember for a lifetime.



4. Leh

Leh is an adventure land; the moment you step in, you will feel as though you have entered a mysterious world. Best to be visited during warmer seasons, Leh is a destination that will absolutely render you speechless. If you are a venture enthusiast, this is your utopia. The wildlife at Leh comprises of rare species of animals, especially at the snowy slopes of the mountains that beautifully frame Leh. Hemis is a must visit site if you plan to take a tour to Leh.



5. Pulwama

One of the most beautiful places on earth, Pulwama is filled with astounding destinations. From popular religious attractions to the most scenic natural features, Pulwama is a town full of hidden surprises. Though it may be difficult to find proper accommodation at the heart of the town and may have to stay a bit farther at Srinagar, Pulwama is definitely worth a visit. You will perceive breathtaking views of waterfalls and vast lakes, along with beautiful meadows at a high altitude. The city is also a great spot for souvenir shopping, especially the saffron which is popularly cultivated here.



Compiled by Pranit Shrestha.

Pranit is a venture enthusiast with a poor sense of direction.



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