Sisneri - Your Next Weekend Destination

29, Oct 2020 |

Sisneri an ultimate destination with a cool breeze and a naturally mesmerizing atmosphere within a few kilometers of the capital city.


Everyone can go to commercial swimming pools and have fun to cool off the heat. But would you not take an opportunity to swim in nature if you got a chance or accessibility to it? Just imagine how good it would feel. And who would not like a cool breeze during summer? Everybody loves it, don’t they?

Well, if that is the case, there is an ultimate destination with a cool breeze and a naturally mesmerizing atmosphere within a few kilometers of the capital city called Sisneri. We can never get tired enough of depicting the natural wonders Nepal is blessed with. Rich in natural resources, Nepal has plenty of rivers and lakes hidden among the landscapes. Keeping aside the lakes and rivers, Sisneri is a natural swimming pool located in the small quirky village of Makwanpur district.

Located 35 km away from the capital city - Kathmandu, this place has multiple pools. The beauty of the natural swimming pool along with the cold crystal-clear aqua-green water is the main attraction of this place.

The clarity of the water allows you to catch glimpses of shoals of fishes swimming along with the waves. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sisneri lies in the remote village near Kathmandu. It is a perfect spot to spend your weekend without much traveling.

Surrounded by large rocks there are also few other small pools near the main Sisneri Pool. The main pool is quite deep with slippery stones. But don’t worry if you don’t know to how to swim and still want to go; Life Jackets are at your service.

Getting There

The most preferable route is via Kalimati-Balkhu-Dakshinkali, taking you all the way to Sisneri. You can always ask the locals for the routes if any confusion. Due to its remote location, there are not many public vehicles available. If you have your private vehicle, you are good to go and if not, you can always reserve the four-wheelers. After about a hike of an hour or two, crossing the suspension bridge, you will be looking at Sisneri glistening with aqua-green water.

The ride can be quite bumpy and slippery but that's what adds to the adventure, right!?

Travel tips

  • Start early! Although the ride may seem short, it takes time. Also, if you want to avoid the crowd, this is a must.
  • If you are traveling there by four-wheeler, better to stay overnight as returning on the same day might be difficult. If in a private vehicle, keep your tank full.
  • After swimming in the pool all day, you can ease off your exhaustion spending an overnight at Chitlang or Markhu.
  • Better to carry cash than to rely on ATM.
  • Carry an extra pair of clothes as you cannot stop yourself from diving into the water.
  • The best time to explore this place is from August to October.
  • Keep the area clean and don’t litter around!


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