Top 3 Cycling Routes in Kathmandu

22, Dec 2020 |

Before you start, make sure to tick your checklist for the trip. Know more tips for these regular trails from, Tips: For a Regular Cycling Trail


Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is a buzzing central city. Therefore, we come across many people who want to go out into the peace and refreshing activity during their weekends to make themselves mentally and physically ready for another busy week. This article covers the top 5 Cycling Routes in and around Kathmandu city, for those who love outdoor sports activity. And cycling is most advisable for people who want to travel and love the trails but are not quite fascinated by hiking because it involves walking. These cycling trails are for you!

Patan – Lakuri Bhanjyang Trail

The trail is about 30 km long that connects two beautiful tourist destinations; Patan and Lakuri Bhanjyang. It can be considered an intermediate level trail that starts from Patan. Starting from the main roads of Patan you take a ride through the crowded city Lubhu. Then comes a rugged track and then an ascending into Lakuri Bhanjyang.

The trail along will give you a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley, and if you are out on a clear day, you can even see a refreshing view of snowcapped mountains.

To get back, one can descend to Bebar Khola or even Godawari. And if you choose the path that’s on the right, it will lead to another beautiful village, Panauti.


Kathmandu - Nagarkot Trail

Nagarkot is the best destination around Kathmandu valley to reach for the sunrise view up from the tower. Therefore, it is recommendable to make it a night stay plan. You can start early to reach the destination, enjoy the route that takes you to small local villages, take a view the next morning, and then return back. Nagarkot lies at an elevation of 2175m and is about 28 km far from Kathmandu. You can take the trail from Sankhu, Jarsing Pauwa, and then into the dirt road all the way up to Nagarkot. These two villages are a beautiful destination to stop by and enjoy the local culture of Newar in Sankhu and Tamang community in Jarsing Pauwa.

Overall, considered to be an intermediate trail, it takes you on a ride into the cultural and natural beauty of Kathmandu.



This is one of the most famous routes among cyclists. It is a spot to go with family and friends for a fun weekend. And to add a little more adventure, instead of taking the usual ride on bike or cars, they cycle up to the destination. Situated about 10 km south of Kathmandu, the route can be covered in an hour or so. An added ride of about 8km long will take you to Champadevi. Along the route, people also stop by to take a stroll into the only natural lake of Kathmandu, Taudaha.

The starting point is Balkhu. Reaching up to Chobhar on a clear day is the best decision for a weekend gate-away. The breathtaking view of the Himalayas including Mount Everest will surely be worth it.

To return back, one can take the same route or also ride towards another beautiful tourist destination, Pharphing.


Before you start, make sure to tick your checklist for the trip. Know more tips for these regular trails from, Tips: For a Regular Cycling Trail


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