Top 6 Day Hiking Trails in Kathmandu

Top 6 Day Hiking Trails in Kathmandu

5, Oct 2020 |

Hiking around Kathmandu valley lets you escape away from the crowd of the central area by letting you explore the untouched beauty of the remote area.


Covid-19 outbreak has changed every person's life. People who used to explore and discover new places every single day, are now stuck inside their home with feelings of life being wasted. Not only this, life has become more dull now. You fear travelling in vehicles, crowds etc. in order to plan for vacation. But then, here we have a plan to minimize this risk to a certain level. Hiking can be the best solution for everyone at today's date to get refreshed and start their life with a fresh beginning. Hiking doesn't let you chill in a crowd, it lets you walk for hours and hours, in some serene places, by letting you observe stunning views in every step you take. So, wake up from your bed, surf the internet and select one best hiking destination to add joy in your boring life.

Nepal is a beautiful country which has a lot of magic in its beauty, scenery and wildlife as once you see it, you can't escape from it. The stunning views of the high mountains is what every adventurer dreams about. Trekkers and mountaineers are always waiting to trek along with ascending the peaks. But, all people can't dream about climbing and trekking in such a scary place as it can be treacherous for them. So, this is where the options of hiking comes - best alternative for trekking. Also, Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, is very famous for short day hiking as it is cheap, wonderful and suitable for your health as well.

Discover the 5 best trails for hiking in Kathmandu, and choose the one you like the most. Strap those hiking boots on.


Trip Highlights

- Padmasambhava monastery

- Viewpoint/sightseeing

- Balaju Water Garden

- Nagarjuna's cave, Mahasiddha cave and Manjushree cave

Nagarjuna hiking is a short day hiking in Nagarjuna hill which lies around 23 km north-west of Kathmandu. It is one of the best destinations for hiking around Kathmandu city which is covered by thick forest of flora and fauna and lush green fields. Also, this place is very famous for its cultural as well as historical significance. The name Nagarjuna is kept on the name of its famous meditator who once came to Nepal and meditated in this place. You can view the entire Kathmandu city from its top. An earlier record also shows that the Buddha also came to Nagarjuna cave. Buddha stupa, ancient caves and Jamacho view point (2128m) are the major most-explore places of this area. Many peaks like Jugal Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang can be observed properly from this place. Summer Royal Palace of the former Royal family is the attraction of the Nagarjun in its. This perfect location offers a great range of history, nature and memorable experience. The Padmasambhava Monastery is a small den where hikers can rest and speak to the monks on a wide variety of topics.

Hike Duration: Minimum 5 hours

Cost: USD 80 - USD 110

Transportation: Bus, Car, Jeep

Hike Altitude: 1300m - 2128.

Starting/ Ending point: Kathmandu

Season: Winter/Monsoon/Spring


Trips highlights

- Shivapuri National Park

- Stunning mountain view, dense forests and tranquil nature

- Ethnic Tamang villages and Buddhist culture

- Mulkharka Village

- Species of animals and birds

Located on the North-Eastern of the Kathmandu city, chisapani is a peaceful hilltop. This popular hiking trail is a weekend getaway for locals. Chisapani is around a day hike away from Sundarijal. You head downwards from the Shivapuri National park to reach Chisapani by observing the sights of birds, smiling faces of local, local cattle, wonderful oak and rhododendron forest, green paddy fields etc. The route from Chisapani moves to Nagarkot following the ridges of the hill. It is also a route for Helambu and Langtang trek. This trip offers breathtaking majesty and beauty of dramatic mountain Views - peak Mt. Everest, Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganesh Himal, and horin of Annapurna range. If you are lucky enough then can also encounter animals like deer, Wild boar, Leopard and many species of birds.

Starting/ Ending point: Kathmandu-Sundarijal-Chisapani

Hiking Altitude: 2,215m

Hiking Duration: Minimum 4 hours

Season: Throughout the year

Cost: Starts from USD 60

Transportation: Public/Private vehicle


Trip Highlights

- Relax and chill away from the distraction of the K-town

- Amazing views of the mountains, forests and hills

 - Scared destination where Hindu sacrifices animal as a practice

- Relish the views of the natural landscapes, mountains and villages

Champa Devi hill is one of the Best Destination for a day hike which is third highest hill surrounding the Kathmandu valley by the height of 2278meter. Champadevi hill gives a real chance to visualize the Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts. Also, you can observe a beautiful view of Kirtipur and Pharping village. This day hiking trail also offers a stunning view of snow-capped mountains like Mt. Ganesh, Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Gaurishankar and Mt. Everest . It also provides the opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of the local people in the Khokana and Bugmanti village. It’s the best place to live the village life where locals welcome you with warm hospitality. This place is also popular for some historical places. Bagmati River which has a great Hindu faith, Pharping and Dakshinkali temple is so amazing to look at from the top of the Champa Devi Hill.

Hiking cost: Starting from USD 80 per person

Hike duration: Minimum 5 hours

Transportation: Private/Public vehicles

Altitude: 2278 meters

Best Season: January till May and October till December

Starting/Ending point: Kathmandu-Pharping


Trip Highlights

- Beautiful and dense forest with presence of different species of birds and butterflies

- Breathtaking view of the Kathmandu

- Splendid Himalayan views Annapurna range to Gaurishanker, mixed culture

- Highest access of trip Phulchowki (2782m)

Phulchowki Hiking is a day hike which is the highest hill, nearest 2,782m, surrounding the Kathmandu valley. It is located 14kms South-East of Kathmandu. The meaning of Phulchowki is Flowers' Garden. As its name suggests, this hike is widely famous for flora and bird watching. The hill contains 570 species of flowering plants and 1/3rd of bird species of Nepal. During spring, the hill is fully covered by Rhododendron (the national flower of Nepal) which makes the trip the most stunning ever. On the top of the hill, there is Phulchowki Mai shrine which has Tibetan prayer flags giving the spot a religious touch. If you happen to hike phulchowki in the month of March/April then you might get a chance to watch the month long annual religious festival held at the shrine of Phulchowki and some other major festivals on the full moon days in the month of July and August every year. Moreover, you will get the eye-catching view of Annapurna to Gaurishanker in the east from eastern part on a clear day. Furthermore, the breathtaking view of Kathmandu valley and snowfall in winter is another best part of this hiking.

Cost: Starting from USD 70

Altitude: 2782m

Transportation: Bus/Jeep/Car

Duration: Minimum 4 hours

Season: Throughout the year

Starting/Ending points: Kathmandu/Godawari


Trip Highlights

- Traditional Newari village of Sankhu

- Terraced farmlands

- Eye-matching mountains view

- Experience authentic hilly region culture in the countryside

- 5th century temple of Changu Narayan visit, an UNESCO World Heritage site and Kathmandu’s oldest temple.

Nagarkot is a best 1 day hike destination which is about 32 km away from Kathmandu with 2195m height. This hike is very popular for watching panoramic views of the Himalayas ranging from the Dhaulagiri in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east to Mt. Everest, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa and the Gaurishankar ranges .The sunrise and sunset views on the Himalayas seen from this hill could be a lifetime memory for you. The trail leads through serene landscapes of terraced agricultural fields, dense forests, and fields of wildflowers. You will Pass through Tamang and Gurung villages where we can learn new culture and religion. You can also discover a wonderful little Newari village where they still do wood and stone carvings like they have done over the centuries. Try to bring binoculars for an even more clear view of the rugged peaks from the top of the hill. You also get a wonderful chance to explore Changunarayan Temple, an UNESCO World Heritage site, which is said to be the oldest temple in the Kathmandu Valley at over 1,500 years old. You will also visit a small beautiful place of Buddha peace park at the trail.

Cost: Starting from USD 70

Altitude: 2,195m

Hike duration: Minimum 5 hours

Transportation: Public/Private vehicle

Starting/Ending points: Sankhu/Nagarkot

Season: Throughout the year

Things to Know while Hiking in Kathmandu

Convey travel basics like pack , bottle , wellbeing bars, electric lamp, blade and string .

Convey insectifuge , shades, easy clothing, a lighter, matches, compact charger and different toiletries additionally .

Try not to throw wastes around the region and dispense with it appopriately.

Try not to plan to feed or bother any creatures you experience with.

Take important licenses from power.

Convey neighborhood cash as little shops probably won't acknowledge worldwide monetary forms.

On the off chance that this is frequently your first time climbing in Nepal, going with a gaggle is fitting

Convey a territory map with you, with itemized trails.

Be kind to local people, and regard their way of life when it includes clothing, decorum and cooking.


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