An Aura of Calm; Chobhar

5, Nov 2019 |

Near to the city but teeming with lush greenery and diverse wildlife, a visit to Chobhar is a must

Located on a hill overlooking Kathmandu Valley, Chobhar is literally in the boundary between the bustling city life and the pleasant lifestyle of the countryside. A perfect place for a half-day cycling or hiking, Chobhar is also a famous picnic spot for the locals. There are also a few local attractions around the area.

A tranquil lake which is historically deemed to be about the Karkat Naag, a snake god, Taudaha lake offers one of the best views to observe migrating birds during winter. There are many legends surrounding this place; the most popular one being about the formation of Kathmandu. It is said that Taudaha Lake is one of the remnants of a huge pool which covered Kathmandu and which the deity Manjushree drained by cutting a hill and directing the water flow elsewhere.

With around 40 species of birds, several species of mammals such as the Golden Jackal, Indian Grey Mongoose and frequently sighted reptiles like the Chequered Keelback and Oriental Garden Lizard, this lake is the perfect destination for photographers, bird watchers and those who enjoy getting a glimpse of these creatures.

It is also the perfect destination for those who want to get away from the bustling streets of Kathmandu and enjoy a peaceful retreat with a hike up the green hills of Chobhar or a thrilling rush of paragliding from Chobhar.

Another main attraction in Chobhar is the famous Adinath Lokeshwor Temple which is a sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhists. It also provides a spectacular view of the city as well as the snowcapped ranges. Other attractions include the Chobhar Gorge, which is said to be formed when the deity Manjushree cut the ridge to drain the pool that had formed over Kathmandu and the Chobhar caves which are a series of long narrow winding tunnels.


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