Mountain Biking for the First time?

24, Dec 2020 |

Adventurous people choose to hike on the trails whereas, for more thrill, mountain biking is the best option.


Traveling in Nepal through its diverse landscapes and into the Himalayan through the beautiful gorges is one kind of experience. Adventurous people choose to hike on the trails whereas, for more thrill, mountain biking is the best option.

There are many short trails in and around the valley for cycling. Whereas when it comes to mountain biking, the longer the trails, the adventurous the journey. However, for beginners, there might be many questions as to how to prepare for the journey, and if they have missed anything. Well, we have covered some of the confusion before you start your mountain biking journey in Nepal.


You must dress comfortably. You need to get your most comfortable pair of sports shoes and a suit with you. Make sure you have your helmet and a light backpack. It is also important to carry glasses and a face mask. It will be of help when you need to cycle through the main roads.


A helmet and a water bottle are the primary requirements. And for the bike itself, you can choose from bringing from home or renting it. One needs to carry good pair locks, and having a basic tool kit with your patch kit might help you on off-road trails. And it is also very recommended to know how to use tools in the kit and solve minor bike mechanic failure.



One need not pack like going on a hike. You will have to save energy to bike rather than handling your luggage. Therefore, pack as light as possible. In a group, one can share necessities like cream, ointments, toothpaste, and such.


If it is your first time, make sure you are not going mountain biking alone. One needs to have a couple of experiences with a group before setting off for traveling solo. Many choose to travel solo for a real-time experience but if it is your first time, better to postpone it until the next few journeys.



Before you start, make sure you know your trails. Some off roads might be confusing and dangerous too. Bike shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara do keep updated maps and information on biking trails. However, thorough research might help you on your way. And it is better to avoid getting lost to avoid any unplanned incidents.

Therefore, many also get a guide to help them get the most out of their journey. They not only introduce you to the best trails but also help you with where to stop, resume, and will be helpful if any unplanned situations arrive. Many travel agencies can help you get a mountain biking guide.

And most of all, if you are a first-timer, make sure you have cycled on the main roads of the valleys and cities. And for pre-preparation, you can choose some trails around Kathmandu Valley for cycling in Top 3 Cycling Routes In Kathmandu.


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