Trekking Gears in Kathmandu

In the tourist center, Thamel, a variety of trekking equipment is available, ranging from pricey, big brand names to affordable local Nepali gears within your budget

13, Dec 2022 |

We have come up with a thorough travel guide that includes all details on where to buy or rent hiking equipment in Kathmandu.

One of the most crucial elements of trekking is the equipment. Having the right equipment will make your trip more convenient. Numerous stores that serve hikers with various hiking gear line the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu. In the tourist centre, Thamel, a variety of trekking equipment is available, ranging from pricey, big-brand names to affordable local Nepali brands within your budget. If you have been hiking regularly, then you already have hiking equipment. If you just want to try it out for the short term, renting equipment is also an option here. We have come up with a thorough travel guide that includes all details on where to buy or rent hiking equipment in Kathmandu.

Are you unsure about where to find trekking gear in Kathmandu? Don’t worry! The tourist area of Thamel in Kathmandu serves travellers with the necessary gear, particularly those for trekkers. In this locale, you can find everything from luxury hotels to little cafes. You may discover a variety of gifts, including souvenirs, for your loved ones here. A trekking gear store will be simple to locate, but a rental warehouse will be confusing to find in the web of alleys of Thamel. Ask your tour operator or guide for suggestions, they may point out the right places for you.

Thamel is home to outlets of renowned manufacturers of outdoor equipment including The North Face and Mountain Hardware. If you have been trekking frequently, investing in high-quality down jackets, Gore-Tex jackets, and backpacks will pay off in the long run. Additionally, Thamel is home to retail outlets for popular companies including Black Yak, Anta, Black Diamond, and others. Also, you can rent a trekking gear in Pokhara.


To give you a broad idea, the costs of typical hiking equipment are listed below. Remember that these costs may vary.




Trekking Items

Price (Approx.)


Down Jacket (Local Product)

US $50 to US $80 per piece


Warm fleece set

US $20 to US $40 per set


Hiking Shirt

US $15 to US $20


Hiking Shorts

US $20 to US $25


Trekking pants

US $30 to US $50


Trekking socks

US $2 to US $6 per pair


Thermal set

US $10 to US $30 per set


Warm Hat

US $4 to US $10


Windproof gloves

US $10 to US $20 per pair


Sleeping Bag

US $60 to US $90


Daypack (25L to 35L)

US $30 to US $50


Backpack (55L to 65L)

US $50 to US $80


Trekking stick

US $10 to US $60



US $5 to US $20



US $15to US $50


Water bottle

US $5 to US $20




Renting Trekking Gears in Kathmandu

In Thamel, you can rent everything you’ll need for trekking in Nepal. Sleeping bags, down jackets, tents, and hiking boots are a few of the hiking requirements that are frequently rented. Kalapatthar Trekking Store and Goreto Gear Traders are two of Thamel’s most well-known rental stores.  

Tips for buying or renting trekking gear in Kathmandu


  1. Since your feet will carry you everywhere, put a lot of thought into buying your hiking boots. Before travelling to Nepal for trekking, it is best to purchase and break into your hiking boots.
  2. Prepare a plan for trekking with your guide before you start. Plan your trekking gears accordingly. You can even plan what is necessary and what is not. Without a plan, you might be lost, and you may be carrying unnecessary equipment with you which will make it difficult for you to trek conveniently.
  3. Keep a day aside in your itinerary to purchase or rent the necessary equipment to be prepared for trekking in Nepal so that you do not need to hurry.
  4. Your life depends on the quality of your travel gears. So, buy only from a reliable source.
  5. At the very least, if you do not go on treks more often, renting gears is preferable to owning them.

     Compiled by: Rebika Bishokarma


Photo Credit:  Hendrik Morkel ,  Felix M. Dorn,  S&B Vonlanthen,  Thom Holmes

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