Explore The Unexplored: Mundum Trekking Trail in Nepal

The location is tranquil, serene, and just an incredible journey in a hostile environment.

13, Nov 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Soak in the country’s scenic splendour and learn about the Kirati culture

A brand-new cultural walking path across serene mountains in the east of Nepal, Mundum Trekking Trail is a truly off-the-beaten path. From Kathmandu, the journey begins with a roughly twelve-hour bus trip to Diktel in Khotang. Due to the trekker’s requirement to travel on ridges while taking in views of snow-capped mountain ranges, eye-catching pastures, and picturesque terrain on each side, the Mundum Route is also known as “A Ridge Trail”.  

Hikers can enjoy the trip through grasslands, wilderness, and pastures while witnessing moving sunrises in the morning and fiery sunsets in the evening. Since no hotels or lodges are in the woods, camping on the path is necessary.

Numerous indigenous ethnic settlements are located along the Mundum Trek route. You travel across the Kirati people’s settlements on this trip. To reach the perspective of Silchung Peak, this Kirat Rail Cultural Trek ascends to an elevation of 4,200 metres above sea level. The brand-new, unaffected-by-modernity route begins in Diktel Bazar and travels through the charming small towns of Chakhewa, Dhotre, Maiyung, Rawa Dhaop, Salpa Bhanjyan, Silchung, Hakule, and Hanspokhari before coming to an end at Bhojpur.

The name of this trek was chosen to draw attention to the region’s rich cultural heritage and its natural beauty and mountains. This new trekking route offers an adventure that explores the ethnic Kirati people’s cultural riches and those of the eastern hills and mountains’ residents. The expedition's name is closely related to a local Kirat tribe’s cultural practice. The Kirati people who inhabit the area refer to Mundum as their sacred text, directing both their social and cultural existence. You will gain a thorough understanding of the ethnic Kirati people’s distinctive culture and way of living life as they meander through the long-established Kirati communities.

Nepal is well known for its stunning mountains. Along with the mountains, there are also the people whose culture and spiritual and religious beliefs influence their way of life. The Mundum Trek provides exceptional Himalayan views, lush woods, and green valleys. Along the journey, there are several lovely villages you will pass through on your trip. You can take in the vista of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Shishapangma, Makalu, and Cho Oyu, 5 of the 8,000-metre peaks. The Mundum Trek is made more appealing by more Himalayan mountain summits.

The hike along the forested region with the mid-hill scenery views far and wide, uninterrupted flat ridge-walk, and spectacular Himalayan peaks keeps the journey fascinating. Numerous plant species can be found in the deep forest, including rhododendron, oak, orchid, chinquapin, juniper, and medicinal herbs. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, walking along open ridges under a brilliant blue sky and taking in the breathtaking scenery. The location is tranquil, serene, and just an incredible journey in a hostile environment. One will come across shepherds’ cabins while hiking up the ridges every few hours.

The scattered villages, grasslands, and woodland are home to wild creatures like wild boar, barking deer, and red pandas, and birds like peacocks, wild ducks, partridges, and others. More than 12 types of rhododendrons bloom in the spring, according to researcher Ramesh Rai. The several ponds that dot the slopes serve as the principal watering holes for livestock and wild animals.

Nevertheless, Mundum Trail is one of Nepal’s natural wonders that offers you the chance to enjoy a balanced vacation in which you can both take in the country’s scenic splendour and learn about the Kirati ethnic group’s cultural tradition.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Crystal Mountain Trek, Online Khabar

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