Top 9 songs to listen to when on a hike

15, Nov 2022 |

Songs are the best medium to push you and clear your exhaustion in your hike

Hiking is more than just walking in a natural environment and capturing the moment; it is a process of self-enlightenment, healing, and clearing the mind to embark on a new journey.  Everyone has their motivation for hiking, such as wanting to immerse themselves in nature, get in shape physically, spend time with friends and outdoors, or attain a psychological aim. A great technique to achieve your goal and entertain your hike, songs are the best medium to push you and clear your exhaustion. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tracks for hiking, ranging from soothing to energising. 

Hiking Songs

  1. The Mountains by This New Light:

    It is the debut EP of the Australian Band “This New Lights” with a simple and contemplative acoustic guitar. The tracks are intricate and rhythmic and play off each other effectively. This song’s overall mood is contemplative, relaxing, and adventurous

  2. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver:

    This 70’s song is one of the best travelling songs from the decades, which presents the happiness and freedom of being alone. 

  3. Kids by One republic:

    This pop-rock song is one of the best and most energetic songs of One Republic, which will really push you on the journey like an energetic youth. 

  4. Old Pine by Ben Howard:

    Old Pine is one of the songs portraying the truth and realities that cause us to think positively. It depicts the progression of life and shows realisations that people often have once they grow up. This song inspires and enlightens you to create many memories and accompany you on your journey.  

  5. Follow The Sun by Xavier Rudd:

    The song is a fast-paced yet laid-back meditation on the importance of stopping every once in a while to look around and think about where you are, what has come before, and what is to come. 

  6. Believer by Imagine Dragon:

    Believer is about someone who finds meaning in pain in their life. This pop-rock song with the perfect combination of beats really hits your brain to push harder and achieve your goal. 

  7. Hall Of Fame by The Script:

    This inspirational song is one of the all-time best songs you can add to your playlist. The song encourages listeners to believe in the impossible and that they can be and do anything they want with hard effort and commitment. When you are extremely fatigued and exhausted, and all of your energy and motivation are depleted, this song is the perfect choice to listen to as a reminder that we will never succeed unless we at least try. 

  8. The Fighter byGym Class Heroes:

    The Fighter is about never giving up in life. When hiking, you may experience some form of difficulties and mental pressure to stop in the middle of your hike; this is the ideal choice to listen to, as it truly gives you a never back down attitude. 

  9. Rise by Eddie Vedder:

    This song is from one of the best solo travelling movies, “Into the Wild”. This song is about life, the ups and downs, struggles, successes, and defeats, and the most important thing is to get back up when you are down in any situation at any moment in your life.  

Trust us when we say that the songs on this list will not disappoint you and will definitely enable you to bring some energy, relaxation, tranquillity, and motivation to your hike. 

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Penned By: Utsav Pun

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