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7, Dec 2018 |

3 Rooms offers a very different experience in an old Rana palace full of character and charming courtyards

Boutique hotels are characterised by their unique personal style and distinct charm that sets them apart. One small but distinct hotel is 3 Rooms by Pauline which is located in the former Rana palace - Babar Mahal Revisited. The old palace has been renovated after the earthquake but its Rana architecture has been preserved. The decor is beautifully different, and the setting within the restored Baber Mahal adds to the vintage chic atmosphere.

The small boutique hotel is a part of Babar Mahal Revisited and has a rustic European feel even though local architectural features have been kept intact. The hotel has four spacious rooms all designed by the owner Pauline who has given attention to every minute detail. The rooms are in the heart of the city yet sheltered from the noise and chaos because of its setting which is private and high end in this old Rana palace full of character and charming courtyards.

Pauline has lived in Nepal for almost a decade and fell in love with Nepal ever since she came here to visit her brother. Francois has a farm house in Shivapuri and is the owner of Himalayan French Cheese. Pauline herself owned three guest houses in Shivapuri which were reduced to rubble during the earthquake in 2015.

Pauline bounced back with 3 Rooms and has worked on this project with passion. She believes that by remaining a small hotel, she can give a lot of importance to quality and service. She is also the owner of Pauline’s Garden, a popular café in Balwatar.

At 3 Rooms every room has been individually decorated with a lot of care using natural materials like wood, stone, brass and copper. All the rooms have copper basins which depict Nepali art. When it comes to the rooms, choosing one is quite difficult as all of them are beautiful and unique in their own right, with all the basic amenities provided. The furniture and pictures that adorn the walls can also be bought and taken back as a memento.

The Attic room stands out with its mini kitchen, big windows and prominent wooden furniture which gives it a Mediterranean feel.

The Apartment room has ample space and is perfect for those who want to stay in Nepal for a while. The room has a kitchen, a tidy living room and even boasts a bath tub. The large windows are complimented by the bookshelves with a plethora of books to choose from. This charming room also offers a splendid terrace overlooking the classic old courtyard.

The other two rooms are equally charming and sophisticated and have been inspired by the palace itself to give it a royal outlook.         

While the hotel doesn't have any shops or restaurants of its own but Baber Mahal Revisited has many outlets to choose from. Guests can wander around the corridors of the old palace and get lost in the in old architecture of the place.

The surrounding shops are largely high end boutiques, with good quality stock. The restaurants range from decent to great, being topped by Chez Caroline, which offers a wonderful continental menu and the complimentary breakfast for guests staying here.

Babar Mahal Revisited has it all, from fine dining restaurants to shops selling antiques and ethic wear to jewellery and art.  While most visitors to Nepal have a perception that Kathmandu starts and ends with Thamel and the heritage sites, this classic boutique hotel offers patrons a very different experience and insight to a more subtle and quite haven in the heart of the city.


For more information:

Address: Babar Mahal Revisited near Singh Durbar

Phone: +977 1 422 15 37 or +977 980 391 95 75



Shashwat Pant is a content writer at Nepal Traveller. He is writer by day and a dreamer by night. He loves to spend time discussing about sports and Geo politics.

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