Matepani Monastery

25, Nov 2020 |

Besides everyday prayer, a special ritual is also held that lasts for an entire day.


Pokhara is the heart of the country Nepal for tourism and travel. From scenic views of lakeside, crowded markets, adventurous sports, restaurants, and clubs with exciting ambiance and luxurious hotels, Pokhara is on every national and international tourists’ list. Apart from the busy streets of the city, Pokhara has various locations with pilgrimage sites of many heritages and monasteries to give you a beautiful serene experience.

One of the many such locations is the Matepani Monastery (Gumba) 

Matepani Monastery is situated in the Kundahar area of Pokhara in Kaski District. It stands on top of a small green hill, east of Pokhara city, about five kilometers from Mahendrapul. The monastery was established in 1960 A.D. by Nyeshang people who had migrated to Pokhara from Manang. The everyday ritual of prayer of the monks residing there is a very rare scene for visitors. If you get a chance to make friends and get close to the monks there, you might get an invitation to their ritual. The prayer is held in the grand hall of gumba several times a day.

Besides the everyday prayer, they also hold a special ritual that lasts for the entire day.

One will be awed by the intricate interior of the Matepani Gumba with graceful colors in the painting that symbolizes and represents different instances of Buddha’s life and various stories that form up Buddhist religion. The magnificent statue of Lord Buddha and other statues of about 11 ft tall will surely catch your eye.

You can take a short hike to reach the Gumba. The walk will be worth it as the place will give you a warm welcome with a scenic view of Pokhara from the top of the green hill and Mt Machapuchare (Mt Fishtail). Once you reach there, you will also come across the hospitable monks who will give their cordial welcome to every visitor to their monastery.


Local transportation is available from Mahendrapul and Kahukhola. One might also book taxis or get a private vehicle. However, it might be difficult to ride the steep hill for two-wheelers from a certain point. Therefore, you might require a short hike to get to the destination. There is no entrance fee charged.

The monastery gives you a very serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if you are in Pokhara and want to be in a peaceful surrounding or religious place, Matepani Monastry will be a great option.

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