NAC wide body aircraft flying to Australia with rescued people onboard today

Source: RSS 8, Jun 2020

Nepal Airlines Corporation's wide body airbus A330 flying to Canberra, Australia carrying rescued citizens of Australia and New Zealand

Quarantined people to be tested for malaria infection along with COVID-19

Source: RSS 8, Jun 2020

Dr Gunaraj Awasthi, director of the Health Directorate under the Ministry of Social Development of the Sudur Paschim urged the health offices to condu...

Airline Operators Association of Nepal slashes airfare

Source: RSS 8, Jun 2020

Airline Operators Association of Nepal has slashed the airfare with a fall in the price of aviation fuel

Quality and standard of 28 different medical goods determined

Source: RSS 8, Jun 2020

Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, on Sunday, specified the quality and standard of 28 types of medical goods

Chitwan Medical College ready to hand over PCR Lab to govt

Source: RSS 7, Jun 2020

Chitwan Medical College to handover the PCR test lab to the government. The lab has all the necessary equipment and seven trained health workers for C...

Lawmakers concerned over 'poorly managed' quarantine facilities

Source: RSS 7, Jun 2020

National Assembly members urged the government to focus on proper management of quarantine centres along with availability of basic facilities

Just 46 per cent of industries running due to lockdown

Source: RSS 7, Jun 2020

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has reported a sharp decrease in the operation of the industries in Nepal during the government impose...

Britain announces more funds to help Nepal fight COVID-19

Source: RSS 7, Jun 2020

British Department for International Development to provide additional funds to help Nepal in coronavirus prevention and treatment

CAAN directive against haphazard chartered flights

Source: RSS 7, Jun 2020

In response to complaints that airline companies were charging passengers exorbitantly for international chartered flights, Civil Aviation Authority o...

EU wants borders free of virus restrictions by end of June

Source: AP 6, Jun 2020

Good news for European countries whose economies have been ravaged and are hoping for a much-needed boost from their decimated tourism industries

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