Why is Thailand popular among Nepali travellers? 

16, Apr 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

Thailand lies in the perfect radius. It has all the amenities to attract and doesn't lie on the other side of the world.


Thailand is a very popular outbound destination in the world. It jumped 1 step up to 8th position on the list of top tourist receiving nations in 2019. The south eastern nation received 39.7 million visitors, which is almost 1.7 million more tourists in comparison to 2018, according to UNWTO.
Thailand is also equally popular among Nepali travellers. It has been the third most travelled destination, after India and China. In 2019, 21,016 Nepali visited Thailand, which is 8% of the total outbound from Nepal. 
There are thousands of Travel agencies in Kathmandu with a big revenue earning just from Thailand travel packages and airlines like Thai Lion are contributing to the already surging numbers. So, what makes Thailand an ideal destination for nepali travellers?

Not too far not too close

Thailand lies in the perfect radius for Nepali travellers. It has all the amenities to attract and doesn't lie on the other side of the world. There are direct and transit flights available from Tribhuvan International Airport easily available throughout the week. The proximity of Thailand is perfect for Honeymoon, Boys/Girls trips, short leisure travel and family trips as well. Thailand is also a popular destination among nepali shopping lovers.


While food, culture and festivals may be an important factor to attract western tourists, they are not the main reason for Nepalese. The major pull for the people of hills is the Beach of the thai coast. No matter where you are in Thailand, you are not that far from the beach. There are beaches like Bang Saen, Jomtien Beach, Freedom Beach, Lamai and many more picturesque ones. And don't tell me you don't want a picture on the beach, while enjoying the sunset. 

Cheap and Expensive 

Thailand package tours have a range of options for nepali travellers. Popular cities like Bangkok and Phuket can be enjoyed by both low spending and high end tourists. Cost margin can be seen in the flights as well. You can fly from Kathmandu to Bangkok in Thai Lion Airlines which is a very cheap one. Then we have Nepal Airlines with moderate fair and Thai Airways with expensive and luxurious travel experience. The spending pattern of nepali traveller perfectly fits for thailand which keeps thai embassy busy throughout the year. 

Water adventure 

Nepali travellers are fascinated by the sea. With easy access to the marine water, Thailand holds many places to dive to see sharks, especially whale sharks and leopard sharks. You will also get a chance to see dolphins, colorful fish, and other animals living deep down in the sea. Travellers from Nepal, who love adventure, can also  go for Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, Sailing, Kite Surfing, Snorkeling, Parasailing and tons of more fun things. You can have tons of fun at a fair price in Thailand. 

Visa approval 

Tourist visas for Thailand are not very complicated and have a higher chance of approval as well. With a valid passport, photo, travel itinerary(round flight ticket and hotel booking) and a proof of funds i.e. a bank statement with at least 700 USD, you can travel to Thailand for 30 days. Though it is not the most convenient to apply for, the Royal Thai Embassy has a high approval rating in tourist visas.


The street food of Thailand is popular worldwide. The experience of seafood is entrancing to the nepali travellers. Similarly, the bars and nightlife of Bangkok, Massages, Exortic street festivals are also equally ammusing.

Thailand is also socially and culturally similar to Nepal in many ways. We have had a long trade and religious relations with the royal kingdom. Tourist arrival from Thailand is considerably high and the religious, cultural and social relations between the two countries seems to be getting better every year. 



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