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26, Mar 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

Maybe we are a bit ashamed too but let's look differently and give a chance to this beautiful valley in your Instagram. 


Nepal is already a visual masterpiece. We hold picturesque mountains, lakes, wildlife, rivers and many more. International vloggers and travellers are sure to upload a picture or even a gallery of Nepal. While internationally, Kathmandu is more popular as a spiritual capital, people residing here see the capital as a dirty and messy place. Terrible traffic, pollution and usual cultural sites does not intrigue us to stand for a pose. Maybe we are a bit ashamed too but let's look differently and give a chance to this beautiful valley in your Instagram. 

Pottery square, Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur, as we all know, is popular for the preservation and practice of art, culture and traditions. The pottery square, located close to Nyatapola temple is a fine example. This chowk is a big yard where the pottery artists are busy with their work of making various utensils and statues of clay. With proper angle and light you can get best photographs vibing middle age. Take a part on creating a ceramic, play with them to capture the personality and mood of an ancient occupation. The candid images will build the spirit of your feed.

Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu

Many of us have surely visited this religious site for prayers and festivals. How about we make another visit with the ambition of photography for a change. One of the most religious sites in Hinduism, this place can offer powerful images to present the contrast of religion and modernization. Sit down with Sadhu and saints to bring out the colorful and high part in them. Observe the architecture and buildings. Experiment with the exposure and abstractness. There are many ironic and metaphorical photographs waiting for you in Pashupati

Graffiti walls

As grubby as the walls of Kathmandu are, they also hold some of the most meaningful and beautiful graffiti. These colorful walls are finest ones to post on your social media wall. They are sure to make your internet appearance look coruscating and vibrant. The walls are already creative, pose depends on you. Let me give you some of the most popular of such places in the city. The graffiti on the walls of Baluwatar, Durbarmarg ( near Narayanhiti Palace ), Kumari Devi near Neelgiri High School in Thamel, anthropomorphic artwork in Patan Dhoka, Rautahat by Joan Vifquin in Jawalakhel, Lord Buddha in peace on the walls of Saat Ghumti, Thamel, the KOLOR project are just few in the list.
The Kupondole area in Lalitpur has many murals, including some of the best-known works. Starting from the Pulchowk entrance to Kupondole, just wander around with a camera/phone and a street will surely surprise you.

Narrow alley in Ason/Bhaktapur

Ever seen a picture of a friend or an influencer standing or walking on the narrow alley with an ancient mood. Yes, we all want a picture like that. The best place to get one of these is in the streets of Ason and Bhaktapur. The small alleyways passing through old and shaddy spaces hold a different place on the internet. Dark is everyone's favorite and they are the best one to change or break a colorful mood in the feed. Try visiting Ason bazar early in the morning to add a touch of spirituality and everyday lifestyle of people. The temples, animals and humans busy with their own thing will make you weary. Take a rest from the lens and don't forget to enjoy the moment. 

Patan Museum

With a small fee for Nepali and discount for students, you can enter the enthralling Patan Museum. The old architecture on windows, doors and ladders are some of the important ones to check onto. Click pictures in the garden, courtyard and the Varenda. Create a baffled facial expression around the historical artifacts and make the most use of the museum lighting. Do not rub your nose around the "no picture zone". The Krishna Mandir in the Patan durbar square is also one of the best architects to stand in front of. The evening lighting in this temple will make your photo background an art of beauty.  

Rooftop photography

While winding around places, we have come to a concept at the end. There are various locations in Kathmandu, which we are very familiar with. Novelty in these photographs can be added with a view from a different angle. You can try finding a rooftop in Boudhanath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar square and many others. Semi aerial views are very striking on Instagram. 

Photography is also dependent upon your imagination. So, don't be shy to express and experiment. Play around with the subject, angles and the lighting. A beautiful instagram feed needs a lot of experimentations. 


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