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8, Mar 2021 |

Among the most visited destination in Asia, Bali is one of them. With scenic mountains, Beautiful Beaches, and picturesque paddy fields

Among the most visited destination in Asia, Bali is one of them. With scenic mountains, Beautiful Beaches, and picturesque paddy fields, Bali is a jewel of Indonesia. This island province of Indonesia has a lot to offer. Here are some things you can try in Bali. 

Uluwatu Temple

The temple is built at the edge of a 70-meter-high cliff or rock projecting into the sea. Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu sea temple located in Uluwatu. The temple’s Balinese name is Pura Luhur Uluwatu, meaning “Temple of Divine Origin at The End of the Rock. The temple is religiously important as well scene seen from the temple during the sunset is majestic. 

Kecak Fire Dance 

Developed in the 1930s, this music dance is based upon the Ramayana. Performed by 150 men, it is the best way to explore Indonesian culture. Usually, the dance is performed in various temples and stages around Indonesia, it is performed daily in the Uluwatu temple on an open stage from 6 pm onwards. 

Keling king beach Nusa Penida island

Kelingking Beach is one of the most famous spots of Nusa Penida. The rock of Kelingking Beach looks a little like the backbone of a dinosaur If you are lucky you may even see Manta rays from the top of the cliff. It takes 20 minutes to get down to Kelingking Beach. It is essential to wear good shoes and to pay particular attention to your steps.the best option is probably to go to Kelingking Beach around 3 pm. Or even 4 pm to 5 pm if you only plan to enjoy the view from the top. Sunset can be spectacular, but then you will have to go back in the dark which may not be the best idea 

Muduk Lewmpuyang Temple

Muduk Lewmpuyang Temple is located on a high hill in, west part of Bali. Beautiful view here because the surrounding temple is a rainforest area, in the east is the mountain Agung and in the east is the beach. Lempuyang Temple is important temples in bali the Balinese visit mandatory in 10 years. Pura lempuyang Hill high in the eastern part of bali. the temple is divided into three layers, penataran agung at the bottom, telaga mas temple in middle of mount hill lempuyang and at the top of the pura puncak lempuyang. pura lempuyang to look different every where. This place is go to destination in Bali as the temple is situated in the picturesque location. 

Sekumpul Waterfall

Known to be one of the beautiful waterfall in Bali, Sekumpul Waterfall, a series of seven narrow cascades, is hidden away amid lush tropical foliage. Dirt paths lead to elevated viewpoints overlooking the falls and to rock pools at the foot, where visitors can cool off with a refreshing swim. This place is no longer a secret, but since it’s in the far northern part of the island and pretty far from town, the crowds are still not too bad. Though getting there may be hard but the trip would worth. 


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