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10, May 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

If you’re looking for oasis-like solitude, Begnas Lake Resort & Villas just might be your calling

Imagine yourself floating away on a boat, beaming with positivity and you forget all your worldly problems. It is a welcoming atmosphere, akin to a long-awaited homecoming. Cool breeze in your hair, birds chirping away, and the warm sun shining down on you. Precisely like this daydream, Begnas Lake Resort & Villas whisks you away on a healing journey.

You’re picked up at Begnas Bazaar by a Shikara style boat for a soulful journey. 30 minutes later you’ll dock at their boat station and be greeted by the lovely staff, well-informed with an ever-present smile. You look around and you’re completely enamored by the mighty and restful Begnas. Sit outside on the deck and once you get used to the vastness of it all, take in the sights of the alluring Begnas Lake Resort & Villas. Comfortable and snug, anyone would feel right at home. 

Your Stay

Begnas Lake Resort & Villas is a complete package, that comes with a stunning backdrop of mountains, hills, and the undeniable Begnas Lake. It has a total of 40 rooms out of which 24 are Deluxe and Superior rooms, eight Premier rooms, and two Family Suites each with interconnecting rooms. One might admire the classic stone exteriors but a whole new world awaits you inside.

The Premier room is a different experience; you are welcomed to an open-plan living, complete with all the luxury you’ll need. The pastel white walls and the smooth stone separate the living area from the extensive bath. Larger than what it might seem from the outside, the Premier room seems to tick all the boxes. 

The well-thought-of space is sizeable with free-flowing energy all around. Eclectic decor paired with earthy, natural items adorn the room. The bath area balances your needs and style with perfection; a sleek shower, vanity, and bathtub make for a more than comfortable stay. However, the large floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to a balcony steal the show.

All rooms at the property have been built around the crown jewel, Begnas Lake, and it is evident. You have ample seating to admire the 180-degree view at all times of the day. Begnas is a beautiful calm in the mornings, a jubilant echo in the day, and returns to its calm state in the evenings. 

The Superior and Deluxe rooms, Family Suites, and the Waterfront Cottages are quaint, each with its own style. Trouble-free room service, mini-bar, and the best of amenities are at your fingertips. From the comfort and luxury of these accommodations, one can easily spend days here, surrounded by nature. 

Clean Living

The heart of the resort is the main building. It houses the warm lobby area, the cozy Kodo Bar, and the Jimire Kuna restaurant, named after this very location where once were endless paddy terraces. This show of gratitude reveals the attention to detail and is seen seamlessly flowing through shared and private spaces. 

The main building has indoor and outdoor seating, apt for year-round entertaining. A chilled drink paired with succulent grilled fish, fresh from their very own enclosure on the banks of Begnas is an evening you will not want to miss. 

Begnas Lake Resort & Villas are big on clean eating; only unprocessed food within the premises. It may come as a surprise to some but this natural lifestyle is something you didn’t know you needed until now. It’s a plateful of salad, delectable beetroot sambar, colorful veggies and fruits, homemade marmalade and bread for breakfast and mouthwatering Nepali Khana set at the Jimire Kuna that could get you transitioning to healthier eating habits. 

Their organic vegetable garden is a sight to behold, right next to the banks of Begnas. All of its seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs cater to the guests’ needs. Along with this, they have a fish enclosure next to their boat station and even a paddy field further away to source most of the property’s consumption. Their vows for sustainability and clean living don’t just end there. The exclusive use of glass bottles for drinking water in rooms, being dependent on solar energy for in-room hot water supply etcetera serves its purpose. Using only filtered spring water, their inviting swimming pool is also chemical-free.

Stories of Yesteryears

The property truly values the simple pleasures in life. Its vision came to life almost two decades ago when the Begnas area was virtually off-grid, untouched, and far away from the hubbub. After the land acquisition, they made sure to not disturb the ecology and its human connection. A beautiful and humble beginning, the property has been in a close working relationship with the whole community since the mid-’90s and has never looked back. 

The exterior look and decor remain uncompromised too, all of the stone-walled cabins were inspired by homes in Gurung settlements. Setting their sights on natural elements, they wanted it to be as natural and local as possible. From building blocks back in the day to performing complex ayurvedic therapies today, many familiar faces have come a long way with the property. Locally sourced staff to building materials, this unique and noble purpose brought the people of Sundari Danda closer. 

Holistic healing

Ayurveda, ‘The Science of Life’, is an amalgamation of natural and traditional healing practices. A sought-after experience around the world, The Himalayan Nature Spa at Begnas Lake Resort & Villas helps you get in tune with these therapeutic treatments while you unwind by the lake. If time permits and you’re open to the idea, a quiet session with the in-house doctor of Ayurveda will shed some light on these treatments. The doctor’s insights on Keralan wellness and healing are truly fascinating.

The treatments are tailored to your preferences; it could be a relaxing ayurvedic oil massage, a stimulating Thai massage, a complete detox treatment, or a calming Shirodhara followed by a steam/sauna session. Who knew this little corner by the lake would also be an oasis. The pathways are lined with freshly grown medicinal herbs for an even more awakening experience for guests. 

What to do?

Being at one with nature here in Begnas would definitely inspire you to let your hair down, there are countless activities at your disposal. Make the most out of this opportune moment and take the plunge, a cool dip in the lake is heavenly this time of the year. A boat ride around the lake could also be another activity to indulge in. For others, the deck or pool area is perfect to lounge with a book. 

Want to keep up your step count during vacation? There’s never been a better time to push your daily goals, hike to Begnas Kot or Kalikasthan for unobstructed views of  Annapurna and Manaslu ranges. While you’re hiking a pair of binoculars might come in handy; birdwatching is a popular activity mostly due to the rich biodiversity. A shorter hike around Panchbhaiya and Simal Danda is a delight too and not strenuous at all. Go through town and admire the sweeping views from the View Tower.

For the yogi in you, the resort makes sure your mornings and evenings are set. They have a spacious yoga hall that can accommodate up to 25 people. 

A business getaway also makes sense. Plan a memorable retreat where a well-equipped conference hall is at your disposal.

Imagine a night under the moonlight right next to Begnas. Upon request, the property can light a bonfire for a group or even cater a small party of 10-12 people on the deck. If you have a special celebration in mind, then look no further. A romantic candle-lit dinner under the stars is only an ask away.

Amongst a landscape so serene, you’re bound to admire the simple structures throughout the property; not taking much away from the finest of views. With only natural elements at play, Begnas Lake Resort & Villas is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Text by: Rebecca Shrestha





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