Rishi Panchami

2, Sep 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

Third day ritual during Teej celebration for sanctification of the soul, mind and body, Rishi Panchami is observed today, September 3

The festival of Rishi Panchami is related to the worshipping of the Sapta Rishi (seven powerful saints in Hindu religion). It falls on the third day of the Haritalika Teej. This is observed by married and unmarried women as well as girls who have reached their menstruation period.

On this day, women wake up early before the sunrises and take the ritual bath with particular types of mud, mud from the elephant’s foot, from the Tulasi root and from the Amala root. They brush their teeth with the Datiwan stem (herbal plant). They make the images of the Sapta Rishi using the cow dung and worship it. The seven Sapta Rishi are Vashishta, Kasyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Vishwamitra, Gautama and Jamadagni. Rishi Panchami is the road to peace and sanctification of the soul, mind and body.



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