Kushe Aunsi — Traditional Nepali Father’s Day

29, Aug 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

The people of Nepal observe their traditional father’s day today, August 30

In the Hindu belief, fathers are regarded as the teacher, protector and saviour. So, Kushe Aunsi is the day dedicated to fathers and not only the Hindu community but the whole country is involved in this festival one way or the other.

Kushe Aushi is also known as Pitri Tirpani Aausi, Gokarne Aunsi or Babu ko mukh herne din. This festival, like most other Hindu festivals, has unique rituals associated with it. On this day people bring Kush, a sacred herb into their home. Believed to absorb bad vibrations in the atmosphere and cleanses the thing it is contacted in, people usually keep it near water sources, storerooms and kitchen.

Another ritual conducted on this day is Babu ko mukh herne, where people offer delicacies and new clothes to their father and ask for his blessings. This also why this day is known as Father’s Day. A festive atmosphere is felt a week before this day people crowd the streets to shop for gifts and offers and discounts for father’s day are also made available.

Also, a day to remember and honour fathers who have passed away, devotees throng Gokarna of Kathmandu, Betrawati of Rasuwa, and Bishnupaduka of Dharan to perform Sida daan to the pandit (Sida is a sacred mixture of rice grains and other pure foods with clothes) La Sraddha or Pinda Daan. Some conduct Sraddha at home, in the nearby river, or in a nearby holy place.



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