A Festival Like No Other

11, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Kahi Nabhaeko Jatra Hadigaun Ko

Hadigaun Jatra also known as Tunal Devi ko Jatra that took place yesterday, is one of the most significant festivals of the neighbourhood of Hadigaun in Kathmandu. The people rejoice with lots of food, drinks, dancing and worshipping. This festival is unique to the locale and seen nowhere else in Nepal, further, the world. Hence, many use the phrase ‘kahi nabhaeko jatra, Hadigaun ko’, translating to a festival seen nowhere else in the world. It commences annually just as the festival of Dashain comes to an end, all according to the lunar calendar. A decorated structure similar to a pole and chariot is raised in honour of the festival, as supporters and celebrators cheer in merry.

After a month, it is lowered and taken down only to be seen the following year. The ceremonial raising of the structure symbolises Hadigaun as an ancient capital, recognising its significance to the country and the renewal of the settlement for one more year to come. This festival brings the people of Hadigaun together and strengthens it as a community.


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