CHAMPADEVI HIKE : A Refreshing Getaway

Champadevi is one of the best hiking routes in the hills of the Kathmandu Valley

11, Sep 2022 |

The finest part of hiking in Kathmandu is getting to experience Kathmandu from a different perspective. When someone mentions Kathmandu, the first images that come to mind are smog, heavy traffic, and squatter communities. However, hiking in Kathmandu offers a whole different perspective on the city. For instance, Kathmandu appears to be a massive bowl of surprises as you reach the summit of the Chandragiri-Champadevi Hiking Trail.


One of the best hiking routes in the hills of the Kathmandu Valley is Champa Devi Hiking, which provides an incredible experience strolling through the pine forest. Visiting Dakshin Kali and Pharping Monastery as part of a spiritual or pilgrimage tour can be added, and hiking further enhances the experience. From the top of the hill, one may enjoy a breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges in the east, including Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Jugal, and Dorje Lakpa. 



The trail passing through Hattiban Resort is beautiful because we can view the monastery of Pharping and the opposite side of Taudaha (the Lake on the road to Pharping), the Bagmati river flowing, and the valley encircled by hills. 

Champa Devi trekking is a simple hike that can be completed by individuals of all ages and is located in the southern area of Kathmandu. Ratnapark is 19 kilometres south of Kathmandu, and Dakshinkali is accessible by bus in one hour.

Before the walk, you can go to Dakshinkali, a well-known Hindu Shaktipeeth, where animal sacrifice takes place. You can visit Pharping town, monastery, and Ashur Cave after a 45-minute walk from Dakshinkali, where Padmasambhava meditated and attained enlightenment. After passing through Sheshanarayan takes around 20 minutes to reach the intersection where the trail leads to Champa Devi. 


A 3-hour journey (depending on pace) will get you to the 2285 m summit of Champa Devi. A little shrine to a Hindu goddess is located near the pilgrimage site of Champa Devi. From there, you can look about in all directions, continue walking toward Chandragiri Hill, and then come back the same way down and turn left.  

The pathways to Champa Devi are relatively easy to navigate. We do advise downloading maps on your phone before leaving. With a map in hand, getting lost is difficult. You have a few choices, and they all range widely in terms of difficulty.

(Picture Credits : Full Time Explorer, Ace Hiking, Nepal Wilderness Trekking, Nepal Sanctuary Treks) 


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