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Dadeldhura; Queen of Hills of Far-Western

Located at the far west of Nepal, Dadeldhura is filled with dense forest, beautiful mountains and hills, heartwarming people and rich cultural and traditional diversity. The district covers an area of 1,538 square kilometers. Dadeldhura is the most developed district among the other hilly districts in the far western region. Being in the far west region for the country and hard terrains, the development is slow, however, modernization has been going slowly and steadily.


According to the 2001 census, the district had a population of 126,162 which increased to 142,094 in 2011. The major language spoken here is Doteli. The temperature of the district is moderate. The highest temperature ever recorded in Dadeldhura was 34.3 °C, while the lowest temperature ever recorded was −5.0 °C. The district is well served by a road network. Dadeldhura is the gateway to various hilly districts of the region such as Accham, Doti, Baitadi, Bajura, etc. Due to its strategic location, the district has the potential to be a regional hub.


Some of the major attraction of the Region

Local routes to Mt. Kailash.

Famous temples like Ugratara Temple, Asigram Temple.

Ugratara Temple

Amargadhi Fort.

Amargadhi Fort

Explore the nearby villages like  Samaiji, Kotenli, Khodpe, Manilek.


Aalital Lake. 

Aalital Lake. 

A mesmerizing view of the last of ‘The Great Himalayan Trail’ of Nepal.

Community Homestay; Experience the warm hospitality of the Rupal village.

Rupal village

Famous Gaura Parba.

Gaura Parba.

Explore the wildlife, unique terrain and jungle of the Khodpe.


Remnants of the Far Western Malla Kingdom.

Ajay Merukot.

Ajay Merukot.

Jaw-Dropping sunset and sunrise from the top of hills

Rani Ban.

Rani Ban.

Local dance like Hudkeli Dance.

Bogata Kot.

Bogata Kot

Getting There

Dadeldhura doesn't have an airfield. However, Dhangadhi Airport and Baitadi Airport are in close proximity to the district. Regular buses and taxis are available for travelling to the district from the airport. The district has a well-connected road system. Dadeldhura is 750km from the capital and can take anywhere from 15-16 hours to reach.



Simikot: The Endpoint of Nepal’s; ‘The Great Himalayan Trail’

Tikapur: The gateway to Far-Western Region of Nepal

Dhangadhi: The 10th Largest City of Nepal

Martadi: Unidentified diamond of the Far-Western Region

Rukum: The place of 52 lakes and 53 hills

Dolpa; The land of snowy peaks, ancient and remote villages, rich wildlife, lovely Buddhist monasteries and wonderful lakes

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