Explore the Captivating Villages of Lamjung

11, Dec 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

Explore the cultural aspect of the Gurung community in the villages of Lamjung.


Nepal is very well known for the diverse topography that it holds in its small land area. Visiting Nepal can give you a ride into the Himalayas, the top of the world, and the plain landscapes. However, traveling into greenery, hiking uphill, and getting to know more about the hilly region is also desired travel activity that many tourists long for in Nepal.

Lamjung is a hilly district that lies in the Gandaki Province. Its headquarter is Besisahar. It covers very diverse geography with an elevation ranging from 300 meters to 6400 meters. It is a very famous destination for Nepalese tourism as it not only carries diverse topography but is also rich in natural beauty, cultural factors, and welcoming local people.


Villages of Lamjung

Ghale gaun is a famous destination to take a ride into the culture of the Gurung community. The accommodations and homestay facilities give an aesthetic feeling of the local Gurung traditional lifestyle. They even provide authentic food and cuisines. Bhujung village is another village for a cultural tour. Whereas Besisahar is another welcoming village with a picturesque view from the top of hills. It is the gateway to Ghale Gaun, Bhujung Gaun, and Manaslu Trek. Since hiking trails to these villages are newly established, you may not come across the required accommodation facilities. Therefore, travelers will also get the experience of camping on this route.

Reaching these villages you can easily get homestays or suitable accommodation. The local people are very welcoming and a night's stay at these villages is much recommended as you will get to experience more of their culture as they get ready for their traditional dances like Kaura, Chutka, Krishna Charitra, Ghaantu and such.

Other attraction of Lamjung

The trails of hiking into these villages also give you captivating views of the Himalayan ranges including Annapurna II, and Manaslu. The panoramic view of green hills with local settlements amidst is a very fresh and soothing scenario to enjoy and travel to.


Best Time to Travel

October to December and April to February.



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