5 Places In Kenya You Shouldn't Miss Out

5 Things to do in Kenya

3, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Discover the African continent through Kenya, a country in East Africa with a Indian Ocean coastline.

If you’re tired of exploring the urban hubs of the world, discover the African continent through Kenya. With a coastline of the great Indian Ocean, Kenya will let you experience true wildlife through its large number of national parks and animal-specific reserves, starting right from its capital. Besides the obvious attractions you are bound to visit, here are some unusual places to explore in Kenya:    

  1. Gedi Ruins


An isolated town in the coastal regions of Kenya, the Gedi Ruins are one of the biggest and greatest mysteries of the country. With its origins mostly unknown, Gedi is a town 10 miles south of Malindi where archaeologists have found artifacts from China and Venice despite being a part of the colonialism that took over Africa. From the evidence of running water and flushing toilets to the presence of advanced streets, the lost town of Gedi will keep you curious until the end.

2. The Lamu Archipelago


A collection of islands, the Lamu Archipelago is home to the deepest roots of the Swahili culture. These islands are a mix of medieval architecture and tropical beaches that make it different to the rest of the country. The Lamu town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the Lamu Museum showcases the Swahili lifestyle through artifacts on boatbuilding, domestic life, and weddings.  And the Kiwayu Island for those looking for a bit more adventure.

3. Carnivore restaurant


Placed twice on the top 50 list of the best restaurants in the world, Carnivore opened it’s door to meat lovers in 1980 and has been frequented by many from across the world. The entrance is its attraction- a flaming barbecue pit full of pieces of all types of meat on Maasi swords. You’ll get to try ostriches, crocodiles, camels- meat from every animal you’d want to try.  On top of that, the restaurant and grill in Nairobi promotes eating to the max, only lowering the white flag in the center of the table will stop servers flying to your table with grilled delicacies.

5. Giraffe Manor


Coming to Kenya but not visiting the giraffes would be absurd if not offensive. The Giraffe Manor is a 10-room luxury hotel, a former ivy-covered mansion right in the middle of the breeding grounds of the Giraffe Centre in the capital city of Kenya. Giraffes will dine with you, drink with you and pop outside the windows for those on the second floor- you literally live amongst the long-necked animals. This exotic experience makes the Giraffe Manor one of the iconic hotels in the world.

5. Mt Kenya


Kenya’s highest mountain and Africa’s second largest, Mt Kenya lies so close to the equator that it seems impossible for glaciers to exist there. But its glaciers open up to the mystical throne of the Supreme God in the religions Kamba and Kikuyu of Kenya, Ngai. Mt Kenya also has the privilege of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve making the ascent to its peak all the more worth it.



Compiled by Simran Dali.

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