Breaking the Roza at Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant

Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant, a perfect place to get a delightful Iftar meal

20, Dec 2018 |

Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant is a pleasant place to dine in and will surely be enjoyed by you and your entire family.

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar marks the holy month of Ramadan. It is observed by Muslims from all over the world as the month of fasting. While fasting from dawn till dusk, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinking liquids. The pre-fast meals, before dawn is known as Suhoor while the post-fast meal, after dusk is known as Iftar. If you are searching for a place to get a delightful Iftar meal after the long day of fasting, Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant is the perfect place.



Shafqat Halal Food Restauirant as the name suggests is a pure halal diner located on the mid-Chakasibari road, Thamel. They present to you a mix of Indian, Tibetan and Turkish delicacies to choose from. The door opens to Nepal- Turkey flags placed as a piece of décor, a symbol of the blend of both cuisines available at the eatery. Some of the walls are glorified with the phrases of the holy Islamic scripture ‘Quran’ either in the form of wall art or placed inside photo frames. The dim yellow lighting gives the inside sitting area a romantic feel to it while the astounding wood carvings of balcony sitting area gives the place more of a regal feel. 

The most popular pick on Turkish meal was the Turkish Keema Naan. This was a not-so-typical naan with ground meat, onion, tomatoes and other spices mixed into it and served along with vegetable curry ‘Zal Frazi’. The curry consisted of mixed seasonal vegetable, cooked in a thick tomato gravy. The natural sweetness of the vegetables was nicely balanced by the spiciness of the Indian spices, which played beautifully with the taste buds. 

The next dish on our table was the ‘Chicken Tandoori’. Plated atop a burning hot sizzler plate, the flaming red pieces of chicken made our mouth water. The yoghurt and spice marinade penetrated the chicken well to give it a soft tangy taste. The spicing was just perfect leaving us with a tangy aftertaste. After the delicious chicken tandoori it was time for the Kakori Kebab. Honestly, it wasn’t the best kebab I have tasted so far. It was rather a bit bland and dry but the mint chutney that accompanied the dish was exceptional. 

After a variety of scrumptious appetizers, came the most anticipated ‘Chicken Biryani’, one of the signature dish of the restaurant. The saffron flavoured rice mixed with succulent pieces of chicken was topped with crispy fried slices of onions, which enhanced the taste of the dish adding a natural sweetness to it.  We indulged ourselves in the savoury delight and enjoyed every spoon of Biryani. The fresh yoghurt raita infused with fresh onions and bits of cucumber was a refreshing add-on to the dish.

All in all Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant is a pleasant place to dine in and will surely be enjoyed by you and your entire family.

Hriti Shrestha

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