Timmur Restaurant and Bar, an Asian Fusion

20, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Timmur, a good blend of Chinese, Nepali and Indian cuisines.

Timmur or Sichuan pepper, as we all are familiar, is a spice very widely used in the Chinese, Nepali and Indian cuisines. Similar to its usage in these cuisines, this restaurant which is named Timmur also serves as a good blend of Chinese, Nepali and Indian cuisines. All in all a good blend of Asian fusion if we consider all the variety the menu has on offer. 

Situated at Kupandole height, this restaurant also serves a great choice of alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks. Apt for small gatherings, and family outings this place comes with a decent parking space, addressing the never resolving to park woos of the Kathmanduites. The open outdoor seating area also provides a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. This place is equally popular for its live music, played on Fridays.

Service was relatively quick and our first batch of appetizers arrived; the specialities of the place, Afghani Chicken and Timmur Chicken.  The creamy looking appetizer, the Afghani chicken was melt in the mouth. Marinated with cream, cashew-nut paste, lime juice and other Asian spices, this was a great start. Our second selection, the Timmur chicken is supposed to be one of the best-selling appetizers from the menu. Crispy nuggets of boneless chicken coated in a batter and deep-fried shared a prominent taste of Timmur. Every bite reflected the tingling flavour of Timmur. This appetizer came along with perfectly complimenting two set of dips; a dry Timmur dip and oily Timmur dip. 

Our second batch of appetizers, Fried Whole Trout with Chinese herbs and Corn fried arrived next. Fried Trout with Chinese Herbs was an impressive looking dish. Whole deep fried trout coated with Chinese herbs had the flavour to match its look. The prominent Chinese flavour echoed from every bite; a good blend of soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, onions and other Chinese spices. A zingy start to our second batch of appetizers. Our fourth appetizer was the Corn fried. This light and cleanly flavoured appetizer was a delightful option after the heavy flavours of the other starters. This one was a perfect combination of the natural sweetness of the corn and the savoriness of the spices.

After relishing the scrumptious appetizers, arrived our main course. Plain rice with Fish in Black Bean Sauce and Pakchoy with Black Mushroom. The Fish in Bean Sauce was a really enjoyable dish which went well with the steamed rice. This dish had a dense flavour of the Black Bean Sauce and left a strong aftertaste of garlic in the mouth but in a good way. The other accompaniment for the rice was a vegetarian option; Pakchoy with Black Mushroom, which turned out to be one of the best dishes served. Lightly blanched Pakchoy topped with black mushrooms cooked in a gravy was the surprise package. The unadulterated flavour of the Pakchoy with the earthy rich taste of the black mushrooms complimented each other very well.

All in all with a good array of Chinese, Nepali and Indian blend of flavours, Timmur is a place to visit if you want to enjoy a culinary explosion of flavours. The great location of the restaurant, friendly staffs, and amazing food and drinks make this place worthy of a visit with your loved ones. 

Asaya Khadka 

Photos by Shibham Parajuli

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