Clinical Trial of Several Covid-19 Vaccines - Who is ahead?

1, Sep 2020 |

Now at a centre in Abu Dhabi, 15,000 volunteers from different nationalities are taking the vaccine developed in China. If the vaccine works on them, then it passes phase three. Which means it’s ready for the public.


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As the number grows, the pandemic and related containment measures have also deeply affected the world economy. Governments across the world are spending unprecedented amounts in response to the coronavirus crisis - but in doing so, they’re only making up a fraction of the damage the novel coronavirus is doing to the world economy. Needless to say, there is a tremendous interest in the development of a vaccine.

For a vaccine, medical researchers are working around the clock.

Normally vaccine development takes years, even decades. But medical teams around the world are working furiously to shrink it in 12 to 18 months. As soon as Chinese scientists published genetic details of the novel coronavirus in early Jan this year - providing a target for finding a cure, the world is racing.

With zero new cases reported, people in Wuhan are still wearing masks and keeping social distance in their daily life.

At Oxford University, Sarah Gilbert, a vaccinology professor, and her lab had huge progress in developing vaccines against the Covid-19 virus. Their ChAdOx1 vaccine generated antibodies for Covid-19.

Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) has partnered with Chinese company CanSino Biologics to develop and test a promising Covid-19 vaccine. This vaccine candidate, Ad5-nCov, was developed using technology from both China and Canada.

Germany’s BioNTech has announced a partnership with Pfizer, and another USD 135m partnership with Fosun Pharma of China to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. CureVac, a German-based vaccine developer also working on an mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccine.

Moderna, the Boston-based biotech released a potential coronavirus vaccine after a trial showed antibody response in 45 participants.

Researchers worldwide are working aggressively to find a cure for COVID. Some are falling at it, but a few may have succeeded in stimulating the immune system to produce effective antibodies against the virus.

The WHO urged countries now that are striking bilateral deals for vaccines not to abandon multilateral efforts, since vaccinating pockets will still leave the world vulnerable.

When will we have a Covid-19 vaccine?

Since the first vaccine safety trials in humans started in March, there are more than 165 vaccines in development. More than 140 vaccine candidates are under investigation. Six are already in the final stage phase III trials, which is remarkably rapid.

Below is a figure of updated numbers of vaccine development.

So far, China is well ahead. Among the 6 vaccines entering the phase III clinical trials, 3 are from the Chinese team. China is also behind eight of the 19 vaccine candidates in human trials, including Sinovac’s experimental shot and two vaccines from China National Biotec Group (CNBG), a unit of state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).

These developments have focused on inactivated vaccine technology, a well-known technology that has been used to produce vaccines against diseases such as influenza and measles - which may increase the probability of success.

In contrast, Moderna, CureVac, and BioNTech are using a new technology called messenger RNA, which has never produced a product approved by regulators.

Now at a center in Abu Dhabi, 15,000 volunteers from different nationalities are taking the vaccine developed in China. If the vaccine works on them, then it passes phase three. Which means it’s ready for the public. These people are doing a selfless act.

China plays a key role in both ingredients and finished drugs. To be ready to handle this unprecedented challenge, vaccine workshops with an annual output of 200million doses have been established in Beijing and Wuhan. This means that once the vaccine is available, there will be a continuous supply. As an important part of the global vaccine supply chain, China is gearing up to supply the world with affordable vaccines that fulfill all efficacy, safety, and quality.


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