Challenges in the Hospitality Sector

7, May 2022 |

With Nepal being so dependent on the apparatus of trade and tourism, we must identify and address the current challenges that the industry faces in the world

Challenges in the Hospitality Sector 


The hospitality sector has been in a rough state for two years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But finally, with the upturn of the tourism industry this year, there are many old and new challenges that the hospitality sector has to face with the new landscape in travel. And with Nepal being so dependent on the apparatus of trade and tourism, we must identify and address the current challenges that the industry faces in the world. Therefore, we ask Terence Lee, the Managing Editor and the CEO of Nepal Traveller Digital Publications for his unique paradigm on the challenges in the Hospitality sector. 

Question: How would you define the current state of the hospitality sector in Nepal?

"Right now, even after the relaxing of restrictions, the hospitality sector in Nepal is still in wait and watch mode. Things are looking much better after two years of being affected by the pandemic but hotels are not confident in going all out in marketing, recruiting team members etc.  They are hopeful that the situation will improve but are still cautious to not overcommit resources too early. Many in the sector have faced losses and liability which have affected how they move forward. Right now many businesses are following a conservative and cautious approach right now."

Question: In your opinion, what are the most pressing problems in the hospitality sector of Nepal?

"There are many challenges that need to be addressed in the industry. Right now there is a lack of skilled manpower and professionals in the right places in the industry. In addition, there is also a lack of long-term planning and proper vision from companies in the industry. I would say this is due to the lack of confidence due to the current state of the hospitality sector.  "

Question: What do you think of some changes that will be beneficial to the hospitality sector in the country?

"I would say that there needs to be more marketing and promotion events, programs and activities for people and businesses to be aware of other businesses and services they provide. In addition, businesses should focus on their service quality and their unique selling point and their strengths rather than just a price war down to the bottom. Another point for businesses to collaborate is to promote tourist destinations and encourage more travellers to travel to these places. Following the first point, there needs to be more networking events for collaboration between complementary services in the hospitality sector, the greater use of digital marketing and other technologies and be able to cater to the traveller's latest demands whether it is experience, safety guidelines and any other criteria. "

Interview done by: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar 

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