Rapid diagnostic test begins at Sun City Apartments

15, Apr 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

Rapid diagnostic test begins at Sun City Apartments

The Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) has begun at Sun City Apartments of Pepsikola, Kageshwori Manohara municipality in the district after two persons from the apartment were detected positive with the COVID-19. Those coming close to the infected persons and others having health problems at the apartment are undergoing RDT in the first phase today.

The management committee in the housing has assisted the medical team to identify persons with chronic disease. Municipality mayor Krishna Hari Thapa informed that the persons with chronic disease were prioritized for RDT. However, they would not be hospitalized until they tested positive.

A medical team from the Department of Health Service had reached the apartment at 9 am. Even the health workers available at the municipality joined the team. After conducting the test first on the most essential ones, it would be expanded to those staying in Block A and to others gradually, Mayor Thapa added.

All those staying in the apartment and even those outside it have also demanded their tests. The shopkeepers around the apartment have demanded the test reasoning they had come in contact with the infected ones. Mayor Thapa further informed that the test would be conducted among the people running shops and working at bank and ATM lounges around the apartment.

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