Plans are in place for Dhaunidhoka ring road in Dhaulagiri

20, Sep 2022 |

A master plan for an eco-friendly ring road will be prepared for tourism development in Dhaulagiri

A master plan will be ready for the tourism development of the Dhaulagiri region to construct a single-ring road connecting Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Dhorpatan and Kaligandaki with the motive of promoting tourism in the Dhaulagiri area. The discussion has already started between the local Government and the Tourism sector. 

Krishna KC, a campaigner, says, “The need to develop an eco-friendly tourist ring road in Dhaulagiri has started to be discussed. Baglung Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Baglung Tourism Development Committee, Baglung Society Pokhara and Gaisas mahasangh Nepal Baglung have jointly started the discussions for the master plan.”

The operator of Dhaunidhoka says, “Dhaunidhoka will become an important eco-friendly ring road for the development of the Dhaulagiri area in Savik.” Stakeholders are focusing on the construction of a ring road connecting Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga and Kaligandaki Corridor, which is now under construction.

Pradeep Gouchan, President of Thasang Rural Municipality of Mustang says, “Tourists have decreased in Mustang due to increase in Dorje Development. The Rural Municipality is also ready to do all the works for Dhaulagiri ring road.”

Raju Thapa, Chairman of Kathekhola Rural Municipality of Baglung shared, “Pokhara in Gandaki province is ahead in terms of tourism, Dhaulagiri is far behind.” He is committed to promoting the ring road as it helps in tourism development and the locals' income generation.  

Tourism businessman Ganesh Bhattarai informed, “It is very necessary for local businessmen to take the first step to prolong the stay of tourists as many tourists from Europe are visiting the Dhorpatan area.”

Naresh Kandel, President of Baglung Chamber of commerce and industry said, “According to ‘Dhaunidhoka’ when the work of locals, state and federal government is completed, then only the Dhorpatan area will be famous in a short time.”_Rss

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