Nepal-India Gaura festival celebrated in Kanchanpur

11, Jul 2019 |

Nepal-India Gaura festival celebrated with much fanfare in the district headquarters of Kanchanpur, Manendranagar on July 10

Dedicated to Gauri, the spouse of Lord Shiva, the festival of Gaura is celebrated by women in mid and far western regions of the country for their spouse's long life and prosperity. On July 10, the special programme was inaugurated by Krishna Raj Subedi, Minister for Social Development in the Far West State, a discussion was also held on the ways to preserve waning cultures of various communities.

Deuda songs and dances are the attraction of the festival. Organised by Mahakali Sahitya Sangam, dances representing original cultures of various communities were performed on the occasion.

Professors and literateurs from Nepal and India attended the festival and presented working paper sessions on the culture of Tharu and Sauka community, Rana community of Terai, Gaura festival, equality in the culture across Nepali-India border and the history of Katyuri regime.

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