Shorter Route to Khaptad

12, Jun 2019 |

A three hours route from Unisaina to Khaptad constructed, June 12

June 12, a shorter trekking route leading to the touristic site Khaptad has been constructed at Achham. The visitors using this route can reach Khaptad in three hours. It starts from Unisaina of Sanfebagar municipality-12 in the district.

The trail has been constructed with the financial assistance of one million rupees provided by the Sanfebagar municipality. The locals of Khaptad had taken initiation for the trail construction.

A local,Harka Rawal, said that this route is the shortest one among other trekking routes leading to Khaptad from Achham, It took around five or six hours to walk to Khaptad using the other routes.

According to the operator of Unisaina Tourism Service Centre, Bhim Rawal, the number of visitors to Khaptad using this route has also increased. He said that 20 visitors use this route daily to go to Khaptad. Before this hardly 20 tourists used this route in a month.

Meanwhile, homestay service has also been started at Unisaina with the financial assistance of Rs 500 thousand provided by the municipality.

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