Top 5 Restaurants in Kathmandu with Board Games

Indulge in intense board game sessions and good food with your gang

9, Aug 2022 |

Going to restaurants and eating food gets really monotonous. What if we told you that you can enjoy your food along with your favourite board games? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? In this succession of our top 5 series, Nepal Traveller brings you a list of five restaurants in Kathmandu where you can roll a dice and munch on snacks.


+81 cafe

Besides a vast collection of board games, +81 also has a sugary succulent scrummy collection of bubble teas, waffles, parfait and desserts. Their two-storey complex is embedded with decorations of leaves and yellow light bulbs fastened onto ropes which makes the ambience during evenings much more vibrant. +81 is also located right at Kalopul chowk, which makes getting there easier transportation-wise. 


Eased into the bottom floor of a two-storey building in Bakhundole, Musicology lives up to its name with smooth jazz effacing you as soon as you enter the restaurant. With minimalist rustic architecture inside the restaurant and an open area with wooden furniture and green decoration outside, Musicology’s ambience is unmatched, making it an excellent place for hangouts and board games. 

Hostel Next Door 

A one-of-a-kind hostel, Hostel Next Door is located at a secluded corner of Kupondole heights—it is a hostel with a built-in cafe. The complex has a very vibrant, peaceful ambience with artsy posters and pastel colours, creating a cosy atmosphere and a very chill board game-y vibe.

Khushi Coffee House 

Located at Battisputali, just about 100 metres away from the ring road, Khushi Coffee House is laudable for its well-furnished, vibrant interiors and the front porch floored with turf grass and colourful furniture, which makes the cafe a pleasure to the eyes. They also have an excellent collection of foods and beverages—their mouth-watering pancakes are a must-try for everyone. They have many up-to-date board games to make your time at Khushi fun. 

Electric Pagoda 

Electric Pagoda Bar and Cafe, located in Thamel, has arguably the largest complex of all the restaurants on this list, with a built-in bar, interior and exterior tables, decorative sculptures along with cottage-like structures adorned with chandeliers where you can sit on the floor reminiscent of a dining room of a traditional Nepali household. Electric Pagoda is the place to be if you’re in the mood for a full course meal, drinks, and a fun time with board games. 

Text by: Saaid Koirala

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