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20, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

What makes Evoke stand out is its creative, scrumptious food that is capable of blowing everybody’s taste buds.

Neighbourhood cafes, bistro and bars are a dime a dozen in Kathmandu Valley and an opening of another seldom interests me. But Evoke isn't just your typical restaurant. In fact, it is unpredictable in many ways- it’s luminous ambience, diverse local markets, it’s upscale, outdoor-themed space, the executive chefs and of course the innovative menu. What makes Evoke stand out is its creative, scrumptious food that is capable of blowing everybody’s taste buds.

Situated in an exclusive expat enclave, Jhamsikhel, Evoke Cafe and Bistro is a melting pot of creativity. The interesting thing about Evoke is its passion for food and its passion for satisfying customers in any way possible-  be it by providing a secluded place to work or be it by providing an entertaining local market and tattoo corner within the complex. When it comes to Evoke, food isn’t just “food”, it becomes a fine art, a masterpiece created by the most talented food artisans. Their respect for each ingredient is carefully portrayed on every dish they offer and their creativity is represented on every bite and drink.

After a tiresome day at work, I went there with few of my colleagues.Just a few minutes in the cafe, we felt energized -  the soothing jazz music, the scent of freshly roasted coffee, the beautiful art gallery within the complex took us to another dimension. We were greeted by the warm hospitality of the staffs and they kindly showed us to our tables.

For starters, Chef TJ recommended one of his favourites- Fresh Veg Roll. Covered with Vietnamese rice wrap, the Roll had a unique combination of peanuts, carrot, cucumber, celery and the sweet chilli sauce served on the side perfectly balanced the soft rice wraps. For a bittersweet adventure of flavours, the vanilla thick shake is a drink with a distinctive taste which is a great palate cleanser.

For the main course, we were served Aglio-olio-e-peperoncino, spaghetti with garlic chilli and olive oil. And yes, it is as fancy as it sounds. Topped with parmesan cheese, this Italian dish is a fan-favourite. The roasted tomato served on the side, highlights the flavour of the pepperoni and the garlic sauce.

Along with the pasta, we also had Evoke’s special Chicken burger. For somebody wishing for a comfort food, this burger is the best stop. What makes this even more appetizing is the crispy fries and the fresh lettuce salad plated with it. The juicy patty inside the burger was topped with swiss cheese and jalapeno that further added richness to its flavour. The home baked buns and the tender patty easily blended with the seasoned onion and lettuce inside.

Impressed with the first three dishes, we tried the exclusive, Pan Seared Salmon Steak, the most-awaited dish of the night. The salmon is served with sauteed vegetables and agli oil. What makes this even more interesting is the spinach- marinated with a succulent fillet of salmon smeared in the pan- hidden below the salmon. The sourness of lemon dill sauce perfectly balances the soft, tender salmon. With every bite of this dish, you can feel Evoke’s creativity spreading through its unique ingredients that carefully complements each other.

For dessert, we had the mouth-watering Red Velvet cake, recommended to us by the Chef himself. The cake was topped with cream cheese flavoured topping and the frosting was suitably thick and had the perfect amount of sweetness.

In conclusion, Evoke is one of the must-visit places in Kathmandu. The versatility of the menu, the soothing environment and the ambrosial food makes this place stand out amongst the few hundred restaurants of Jhamsikhel

Contact info:

+977 1 9851111051,

Email: evoke.cafebistro@gmail.com

Address: Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Website: http://www.evokenepal.com/

Ayusha Pradhananga is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 

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