Ghangri Cafe: Momos, but much more than just momos

20, Dec 2018 |

Ghangri Cafe : Synonym for Open Momos.

Ghangri Cafe is a synonym for Open Momo(popularly known as Shumai) for most Kathmanduites. This establishment has recently relocated to Pulchowk from its older venue in Jhamshikhel. With a renowned Shumai history to its name, this café has won the hearts of many with this delicacy. Though known majorly for Shumai, this place has many more things to offer.


Huge open restaurant with wooden tables and chairs with hanging greens on the side walls gives it a fresh neat environment. The spacious layout provides an airy and comfortable feeling. Hanging strings of lights dazzle up the whole place giving it a bright and lively atmosphere especially during the evenings.

In our visit to this new establishment, we decided to explore more than just Shumai, although open Momos are a must if you visit here. Therefore we did the same; we ordered Chicken Shumai along with what the staffs had to suggest. We decided to go by their selection and placed the order.  

Our order of Open Chicken Momos also the specialty of this place, were lovely and juicy and came with a selection of three different dips. These mouth-watering Momos go well with all three dips equally; the mild peanut dip, the tangy tomatoes dip and the vinegary green chilly dip. All in all a very satisfying start to this culinary trip.

Another of their bestselling appetizers arrived; The Shanghai fish. This spicy appetizer is a winner if you like crunchy fish coated in spicy tomato sauce infused with ginger, garlic, bell peppers, carrots and onions with a side of fresh salads. A perfect balance of spice, tang and crunch, this appetiser was a taste bud opener for the more to come.

Spaghetti Bolognese was our next order. Spaghetti coated with Chicken Bolognese sauce dusted with cheese, was an average dish. Though it did not have the richness of the Bolognese sauce I preferred, it was a decent tasting dish. All in all an ordinary dish as of now.

Like it’s said, ‘Save the best for last’, our final order of Chicken Cordon Bleu arrived; an elegant looking dish with a side of grilled vegetable. This appetizing dish looked like everything a meat lover would end up dreaming for. A golden brown crusted roulade of meat filled with cheese, mushroom and sausage, was spot on in terms of flavour. Perfectly done outside with gooey central filling, shared a perfect balance of flavour as well as texture.  The grilled vegetables were perfectly done with a hint of butter. Both the chilly and mayo dip accompanied the dish perfectly.

Situated on the main road, Pulchowk, Ghangri is an easy stop for lunch and dinner. With an ample parking space beside the restaurant, the ever stressful parking issue is also taken care of. Good food, good ambience along with friendly staffs, Ghangri café is definitely worth a try.



Asaya Khadka 

Photos by Shibam Parajuli 

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