Bhurti Temple Complex of Dailekh

22, Nov 2020 |

The one-of-a-kind monument is an extrinsic stonework that stands out in the area.


Nepal is a country rich in cultural, natural, historical as well as archeological heritages. The place where you can travel and fill your heart with travel gratification. The diversity of the landscape and the historical prominence here itself makes the country and the various sites here a must-visit place.

The UNESCO has listed 4 World Heritage sites in Nepal, seven sites being in the capital city of Kathmandu itself. Besides the World Heritage sites, there is another list by UNESCO that has the tentative sites that could be World Heritage sites. The tentative list has 15 mesmerizing sites that have equally eye-catching heritages that reflect how Nepal is the perfect destination that you could include in your bucket list to travel.

One of the sites from the tentative list is the Bhurti Temple Complex situated in the Bheri Zone of mid-west Nepal in the Dailekh district. The captivating structure of 22 monuments, is collectively referred to as the Bhurti Temple Complex. The archeological site might be simple to look at, but the construction of the architecture has its uniqueness, which uplifts the charm of the simple yet significant pillar structured monuments. Though who built the mysterious temple, and its age is not known, the beautiful structures are constructed in typical Western-style Malla architecture. The one-of-a-kind monument is extrinsic stonework, in Panchadeval style, which can still be found in the Khasa kingdom. That form of artwork stands out in the area, which keeps its importance prevalent.

No worshipping is practiced in the temple complex as of now. The monuments stand in good condition and retain their historical importance. The originality of the place is still preserved, which makes it a place worth visiting.

The Bhurti temple complex is quite similar to the structures in Sinja valley and Dullu, where the architectures originate from the Khasa kingdom. The similarities of the frameworks do leave some space to doubt the connection between the construction of the monuments. The remarkable place could a fascination for archeologists as it may also have been an ancient Northern route linking the Gangetic plains to Western Tibet and the Silk Route.


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