Introduction to Rafting in Nepal

26, Nov 2019 |

White water adventure sport in tremendous steep fast flowing river : Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is honored with the quick waterways and frosty streams due to the nearness of the eminent Himalayan range. The geological scenes have contributed towards the white water rapids and different daring focuses amid the boating in Nepal. The nearness of the wide scopes of the evaluations as far as the rapids makes Nepal a heaven for  family occasion in Nepal doing the boating including the youngsters. From the adrenaline surge multi day boating bundle to the basic one day bundle would satisfy your boating dream. On the off chance that you are searching for the quality time with your loved ones in the stream then Rafting in Nepal would satisfy your desire. The boating action in Nepal not just serves you with fervor in the waterway rather it will likely take you to the heavenly towns on the riverside. The way of life and the way of life of these provincial individuals can be seen by means of this enterprise trip. The day by day errands of the angler and the greenery and additionally the fauna exhibit in along the waterway would be the best treat of your adventure. The grill shoreline side gathering in the wake of boating would reinvigorate the excitement in your life also. The crisp fish from the waterway would light your sense of taste. Along these lines, come and experience this stunning daring Rafting in Nepal.

In the event that you are searching for a thrilling White water rafting then Nepal is the best goal for thrilling boating exercises. The different Himalayan Rivers will extinguish your boating thirst with the gutsy white water rapids and eventually presents amazing adventurous tour in Nepal moments. The Rivers start at the heart of the Himalayas and stream off to the swamp district with the twisted figure, twisting, some of the time meeting little islands. A portion of the River boating is eminent that incorporates Trishuli River, Kaligandaki River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River and some more. Single day excursions to multiday testing boating are accessible for the River fervor and enterprise in Nepal.

Levels of rafting

Being above the fast flowing river in the boat filled with air is the alternative way to measure the individuals guts. Rafting is not all about thrilling and adventurous but it is the risky and challenging job too. Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies(NARA) has graded the river according to their toughness giving significant point (1 – 5- ). As the steepness of river in Nepal the grade starts from 2+ up to 5- . Bhotekoshi is graded as the 5- : one of the toughest river to raft in the world and Seti is the most classic river to raft in Nepal which is graded 2+. In terms ; (2+ - 3-) is the moderate where the beginners and  children can take part in rafting but in the strenous ( 4+ - 5-) only professional and high adventure seeker are allowed to raft in the risk of their own.

Rafting practices according to the Province

Province 1

The high Himalayas in the northern part and ranges of hills have created the various rivers in this state.
The mighty Saptakoshi and its tributaries are the major rivers . the highlander rafting section are the
known terms between the rafters and agencies of this section. Thus, rafting were in various river at the
beginning but due to flood and land slide; the rivers has changed their faces. Recently rafters have
declined rafting in Dudh koshi due to the high risk. Sunkoshi and Tamor are the well known river in this
province for rafting and kayaking.

-Sunkoshi river rafting(Raft in the river of gold)

-Tamor river rafting (Rafting for the proffesional)

Province 2
This province is very rich in water resources and rivers. Massive rivers like Bagmati, kamala, kankai are
featured. But being in the plains water activities like rafting and kayaking are not possible in this state.

Province 3

 It is the transbounded province of Nepal. Tibetian Himalayas up to the plains of terai. Being the hilly
state various gorges and the steep rivers are sheltered here such as Trishuli, Bhote koshi, Narayani etc.
most of the rivers flows from the tibetian glacier and drains the hills around. Being a very near to the
capital, various activities are well known here like rafting , kayaking , diving , bungee jumps and many
more. Classic and thrilling raft are the features of rafting in this state.

-Trishuli river rafting (Classic raft with luxury)

-Bhotekoshi river rafting(Harmony of tibet and himalayas)

Province 4

Province 4 is most visited place of Nepal by the internal and external tourist due to its terrifying
feature. The high snow caped mountain, bunch of lakes and rivers and the deep gorge are
spotted best here. Gandaki and its tributaries: Marsyandi, Seti , Kaligandaki , are the major river.
Kaligandaki with the deepest gorge of the world gives different experience in rafting.
The rivers like Seti and Madi are specially used by the learners.

-Seti gandaki river rafting(Beautiful raft along warmness)

-Kali gandaki river rafting(Raft over the holiest river)

Province 5

 More portion of this state is plain but it feature various Hills too. Bheri , Rapti and Babai
are massive river here. Being in the plains the river goes silent. Rafting along with fishing and
camping is the attraction of this state. Bheri river is well known for rafting here.

-Bheri river rafting(Fishing and camping along the rafts)

Province 6

The most barren and dry state of Nepal. Not enough water resources and rivers. But the huge
Karnali flows through it which enters to the province 7 very soon. So the river activities are not
well known here.

Province 7

The far western part of the country. Despite being the smallest state it is very rich in water
resources and rivers. Mahakali, Upper Seti, Karnali etc are the major rivers here. The part of
Karnali that falls in this state is well known for rafting and kayaking. Rock and roll ride is the
synonyms of rafting here.

-Karnali river rafting(The Rollar coaster ride)

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