Province No. 2

7, Oct 2020 |

Province No. 2 is a major tourist destination which consists of Ram Janaki Mandir and Janakpur Railway Station


The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal, 2072 BS has institutionalized the transformation of Nepal from a unitary state system to a federal democratic republic. According to the new structure, Nepal has been restructured at the federal, 7 provinces and 753 local levels. Province No. 2 is the smallest province in Southeastern region of Nepal with total 8 districts - Rautahat, Parsa, Bara, Sarlahi, Mahotari, Dhanusha, Siraha and Saptari. Its headquarter is Janakpur and largest city in Birgunj. It has a flat terrain and is located between Provinces 1 and 3 of Nepal and India. The Madhesi-majority state has a high population density. The total population of this state is 5,404,145 as per 2011 census of Nepal which makes this state as a densely populated state of Nepal. This state has total area of 9,661 km. sq.

This state is very important for agriculture, industry, tourism, customs and so on. However, it is a state without hydropower projects. The major markets are Birgunj, Janakpur, Rajbiraj, Lahan, Mirchaiya, Jaleshwar, Bardibas, Malangwa, Kailaiya, Chandranigahapur and Simara. The main production of this state is mango, sugarcane, cement industry, wheat and many other seasonal crops and vegetables.


Almost all districts are connected by roads in Province No. 2 because it has no difficult terrains. However, despite the fact of being good in road condition, transportation has not been developed properly in all regions due to lack of investment and strategic planning. Not to forget Province 2 is the only state with a railway serviceable line in Nepal. The main highways of Province No. 2 like Mahendra Highway( East West Highway), Postal Highway, Tribhuvan Highway and Birendra Highway are the important gateway and trade way from this province which connect to major roads of other districts. Also, there are three domestic airports and air services are available in the region - Rajbiraj Airport, Janakpur Airport and Simara Airport which all are the busiest airports of Nepal. Also, Nijgadh International Airport is under construction in this state. This state is famous for its railway services and Janakpur Train Station is considered as largest Railway Station in Nepal. A few more railways are under progress in order to link India and China to promote business and tourism.


Ethnically and linguistically diverse, this region is mainly inhabited by different castes of Madhesi. The major spoken languages are Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Bajjika. Hinduism is the major religion of the province. Islam is the second major religion of the province.


Tourism, natural resources, industries, agriculture and foreign employment are the major sources of income for the people of Province No. 2. This state has many tourist sites including Parsa National Park of Para/Bara, Gateway of Nepal (Shankaracharya Gate) and Ghadiarwa Pokharai of Parsa, Nunthar of Rautahat, Hairhar Kshetra, Sagarnath Forest and Naadhi Taal of Sarlahi, Janakpur Railway Station of Janakpur, Ganasagar Pokhari, Lohjara Taal, Chhinnamasta Bagmati of Saptari, Baba lake of Bandipur and Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve of Sunsari. Koshi River, Bagmati River, Kamla River, Lakhandei River and Bishnumati River are the main rivers of the province which has also helped a lot in attracting tourists.


Nepal is located in Southeast Asia and is rich in religious and cultural aspects. Among all the innumerable temples, pagodas, monasteries of Nepal, some of the famous pilgrimage fall under this state too - Kankali Mandir of Saptari, Janaki Temple, Mithila Art and Vivah Mandpa of Janakpur, Jaleshwarnath of Mahotari, Laxmi Narayan Temple of Saptari, ChuriyaMai Temple and Maha Gadhimai of Bara, Gahawamai Temple, Parasnath Temple and Vata Mandir of Parsa and other famous places. Indigenous and foreign pilgrims have a strong faith in these places. The arrival of thousands of devotees and pilgrims every year has helped in development in religious tourism of this state.

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