Newest Museum with an Ancient History - Taragaon

7, Dec 2020 |

Taragaon is a modern structured museum with a collection of ancient cultural arts of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Taragaon Museum holds a history that dates back to 1972 even though it was recently reopened in 2014. It is situated in Chuchhepati, a short distance walk from Boudhanath Stupa and on the premises of Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu.

In Nepal, when we list museums with the collection and preservation of souvenirs from the olden and golden days, the modern buildings often get excluded. The Taragaon museum has been restored in a very modern and attractive architectural structure. While the vision of the museum holds in documenting contributions of architects, artists, and scholars since the 1960s. This modern building preserves the richness and complexity of the Kathmandu Valley’s heritage.  

History of Taragaon

In 1968, the place was originally planned for a project that would develop tourism in Nepal by constructing a hotel that exhibited authentic Nepalese culture and tradition. The unproductive land between Chabahil and Bouddha was acquired by the government and named the hotel village Taragaon. Tara translates to stars, and the vision of the project was that the village would shine bright like a star in the tourism sector. The architecture design was done by Austrian architect Carl Pruscha who was also involved in urban planning. The Taragaon Hotel eventually closed in the 1990s.

The design and structure of the hotel have been selectively adapted after extensive restoration. As of now, Taragaon Museum is owned by Taragaon Regency Hotels Ltd. It is chaired by Mr. Arun Saraf and is supported by The Saraf Foundation. Currently, the museum displays arts and collections from the 19th century. A few of the oldest ones are the photographs of Kathmandu valley of 1853 and 1863.


Inside Taragaon

The Taragaon has seven unique arches vaulted that are separated for a different purpose.

Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition section displays works of famous artists like Niels Gutschow, Kevin Burbriski, Andreas Brandt, and many more.

Event hall

The museum holds various exhibitions and events. The ambiance is the highlight of this destination for artists to exhibit their work.


The place can also host up to 150 people and arrange spacious seating.

Art Gallery and Library

The museum also facilitates a contemporary art gallery that displays the work of Nepalese artists associated with the Taragaon Museum. It also has a library with a peaceful ambiance that is open to visitors


Flavor’s Café and Restaurant runs inside the premises of the museum. It is one of the most visited cafés in the town and is known for the taste and authenticity of the food.

The museum aims at attracting artists who are interested in the authenticity and rich cultural aspect of Kathmandu valley. It wants to convey how and what traditional changes the city has undergone. The entrance to the museum is free and welcomes every visitor who is curious to learn more about our culture.


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